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What do you love about Palomar?  How about the views?  You see Point Loma out there with the San Diego skyline and islands dotting the Pacific – so close and yet so far away –  up here in the beauty of the Four Seasons! Have a message to go out?  Simply send it my way.   If you don’t see it posted within 24 hours, please call my ‘follow-me’ number at 76O 742 one 742. Glad to keep the news heading your way about our favorite mountain!   Bonnie Phelps,  Palomar Mountain News Editor since 1998 and Palomar Mountain Real Estate since the beginning of the Century.
Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | October 22, 2018

Fall Festival Potluck & Trunk-or-Treat


The mountain kids had a blast at the Apple Festival and are getting ready for the next fun event!  All Palomar Mountain residents, weekenders and their families are invited to our Fall Festival!

Our mountain children will be in costume and lets all help them have a fun-filled night!  The evening will start off with games, such as pumpkin bowling, donut bobbing, sack races, and more!

Bring a generous dish to share for our dinner potluck, and then our evening will close with Trunk-or-Treating!

All mountain folks are invited to join us! (Sorry, the event is not open to the public).

Wednesday, October 31st

5:30 for games and potluck

7:00 is Trunk or Treat – Decorate your trunk or come-as-you-are and pass out candy to the trick-or-treaters!   More info real soon!

Please RSVP to Stacy and she will also give you the location.  Email or call 0214.

Thank you!

Hope to see you there!

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | October 22, 2018

Apple Festival 2018 so Fun!!!

Lots of good, old fashioned fun at the Apple Festival yesterday!  Many thanks to all the volunteers who come together each year to make it such a fun event.

Would YOU like to win the Gunny Sack Race next year?  Watch the video for some tips!

Soooooooooooo fun!

Ok, next year!!!

Bonnie Phelps


Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | October 21, 2018

More Full-Timers! Real Estate Update

Hoping you had a wonderful week!  Mine has sure been busy!

It started off with closing escrow for the Definition of Cute.  Those buyers purchased their first cabin 5 years ago for their 20th Anniversary.  Picked up a fixer-still-in-the-process a couple years ago, now had to have this turn-key cabin just oozing with cuteness to celebrate their 25th Wedding Anniversary last week.  They are moving up full time over the next couple months as retirement arrived!  They love their times on Palomar celebrating family with grown kids near by and all those grand children.

The Mountain View Home has very happy full-timers heading our way!  My brother knew the owner’s son, so Tom got the listing.  It was so fun to team up again and work through the transaction with the best brother in the world!

Quite a few of you toured the home and I showed it to several folks contemplating full time living on Palomar.  It will be a couple years commuting until retirement but these new owners are so looking forward to coming home to their never-ending view and all the remodeling plans they have in store.

The last escrow for the 34 acres on Panorama Trail cancelled.  That made the newest buyers very happy.  They had been watching it closely and realized it really was their dream to build on Palomar on that fabulous view land.  This time they snatched it up real quick!  The new buyers were one of two parties that came back to see it a second time on Friday.  The first time for all was our last very rainy day so the view out was nothing but a very white, drippy cloud.  Those showings were quite interesting to me.  They caused me to look down and appreciate the beauty of the land, right around my feet!  That included discovering amazing rock on the property with black tourmaline woven through.  It just may become the second fabulous fireplace wall on the mountain made of the same stone!

There is an album waiting for you of my “Rainy Day Walk in the Clouds” … but that land is spoken for!  The buyers have a lovely home on Crestline they have enjoyed the past 10 years as weekenders.  With retirement just around the corner, they plan to sell their city place and enjoy their Crestline home while they build their dream on their 34 acres.

Working hard to find buyers for the two homes I have left for your viewing pleasure.   Just listed a charming 3 bedroom cabin… Working through inspections, surveys, utilities and moving days to hand over the keys to new buyers real soon for Happy Holler and Sleeping Beauty.  Still finalizing easements for that amazing view land out at that lookout off East Grade…

Meanwhile, there has been an amazing line of cars going by on their way to the State Park.  They do have several parking options for us with very fun shuttles.  My cowboy is back and we are ‘ready to ride’ down for our shuttle.

Happy Apple Day!

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor


Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | October 21, 2018

Chili, Pies, Cobbler and Cards

More fun in store for tomorrow!

35 pies and trays of apple crisp ready for YOUR sampling at the Festival!  Many, many trays of chili and corn bread are all set to go in the oven first thing in the morning.  Chefs Chad, Steve and the crew at Palomar Christian Conference Center have been working overtime in the kitchen all day.

Tomorrow you will have your choice of Chad’s Famous Chili (mild to medium heat) or a vegetarian chili and cornbread for $5.00.  (All proceeds go to the Apple Festival.)

Have you seen Ron and his new truck?!??  We caught him cruising Crestline on his way to load up some bales of hay for his Pie Truck!  You’ll just have to hear all about it from Ron-the-Pie-Guy!

Be sure to see what is new at Barb’s Book Table!  Author, Barb Waite printed some of her historical photos from Apple Days on Palomar 100 years ago.  The cards are available for you along with her books.

Lots of games are set up and in the works for the kids, live music, square dancing, potato sack racing, and another fun time on the mountain!

See you at the Festival!

Bonnie Phelps

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | October 21, 2018

Apple Festival Fun!


This lovely basket of apples arrived at our door just in time for festival baking!

The kitchens on Palomar have the wonderful scents of apples and cinnamon…  we’re all baking favorite recipes to donate goodies for free samples tomorrow!

Hope YOU can come up for the 8th Annual Festival. It is a little chilly so you might appreciate a sweatshirt.

Oh, I need to run check our oven!  Hope you can try our Apple Turnovers and/or cobbler.  All made with fresh off-the-tree Palomar Mountain Apples!

Bonnie and Don

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | October 18, 2018

Hamerly Sequoia Grove

You are about to be inspired!

One of our neighbors has so many interesting interests.  He and his wife love this beautiful Mountain and he delights in bringing beauty, fun and adventure to his property.

Jim Hamerly is the much-loved and respected dean of the College of Business Administration at Cal State University of San Marcos.   When on the mountain, he wears different hats!  He was the contractor for the tree house, engineer for the zip lines, and wears a forestry hat for his passion for growing things.  Big things!

Click to learn about his labor of love!

Bonnie Phelps

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | October 16, 2018

Beautiful Hutch For Sale

From: Jana Lucaccioni

Would you like this beautiful Hutch? Like new and asking $395.00

Please call or text 858-395-2822




Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | October 12, 2018

Spring in the Fall??


You can see a touch of spring and summer lupine … in the Fall out on Birch Hill!  Thanks to Will Parent for sharing the photo from his meadow yesterday.

I captured the deer and turkeys this morning from my desk out grazing in our orchard.

We’re all hoping this tease of a bit of rain comes through.  Meanwhile, we might have thunderstorms so be sure to keep an eye out in case those bolts of lightening come our direction.  It is always wise to unplug your electronics and anything you appreciate not getting fried in a storm.  More info for preparing for thunderstorms about half way down on ‘Resident Tips’.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Bonnie Phelps

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | October 11, 2018

Free Oak Fire Wood

From: Cliff Kellogg

The oak tree behind the fire station on Crestline Road has been cut down in preparation for the construction of the new county-funded crew quarters. Any Palomar Mountain residents interested in free not-yet-seasoned oak can get a truck load for free. We only ask that:

1. Wood is available for Palomar Mountain residents only and should remain on Palomar Mountain to prevent the spread of GSOB.

2. One pick up load only. No multiple trips. We want to make it available to as many residents as possible.

3. Not for resale – personal use only.

4. Call the fire station first (760) 742-3701 and let them know you are coming prior to picking up. Please don’t just pull in and start loading. Also, make your planned pickup time during reasonable daylight hours.

5. Don’t ask the on-duty crew to help you load. Plan on loading yourself.

6. No chain sawing/cutting on the property. This offer good while supplies last. We will want to keep some wood in reserve for future community center use. Remember it won’t be ready to burn until next year.

Palomar Mountain Fire Board


Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | October 10, 2018

Huge Twin Oak dropped for Bunkhouse

It would be fun to count the rings of this huge oak that needed to come down for the new fire department bunkhouse. Thanks to Mike Pique for sending the photos our way.  Looks like Fire Department, Fire Board, Fire Safe Council and Cert folks in front of a lot of firewood.

From: Michael Pique

This is bittersweet but the oak needed go to get the new bunkhouse built at the Fire Station.

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