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What do you love about Palomar?  How about the views?  You see Point Loma out there with the San Diego skyline and islands dotting the Pacific – so close and yet so far away –  up here in the beauty of the Four Seasons! Have a message to go out?  Simply send it my way.   If you don’t see it posted within 24 hours, please call my ‘follow-me’ number at 76O 742 one 742. Glad to keep the news heading your way about our favorite mountain!   Bonnie Phelps,  Palomar Mountain News Editor since 1998 and Palomar Mountain Real Estate since the beginning of the Century.
Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 16, 2019

Mountain Lion and ….?

mtn lion

Wouldn’t you love to know more of the history of this photo?  Given to me years ago by East-Grader, Bob Haas, it begs questions.

Do you see what I see?  Things can happen so fast.  Why wasn’t the lion shy of the photographer?  He appears to be eyeing his next dinner up by the house. Why was the photographer concerned about taking the photo when that lion could be to the toddler in seconds?

Several folks have seen this photo over the years.  Everyone thinks they know right where the cabin is on the mountain.  But, turning it over, the back tells us it was taken at Beaverhead Lodge about 1940 near Alpine, Arizona on Jess and Flora Burkes’ Ranch.

Just something interesting to share with you while cleaning out my desk in front of the fire.



Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 16, 2019

Good Samaritan

There are many people that are Good Samaritans ’round Palomar.  This feel-good story just came from a neighbor.  I think many of you might know JP.

Many thanks to all the JP’s of Palomar.

From:  Fred Brown

“…Unfortunately I slipped on the ice and now I am incapacitated with a sore back.

Yesterday I decided to drive back up to get my mail and some other things.  Rain was so intense it was like driving under water!    On the way down south grade I hit a rock which blew my front tire. Tried to change it by the side of the road but was hopeless because of sore back and old age.
Second vehicle I tried to flag down stopped.  Driver not only changed the wheel, but he followed me down all the way to the Stage Stop at 20 MPH because spare tire was under-inflated and wanted to make sure I would make it.  Refused to be paid.  People like that are worth a million!  God bless him!

Said his name was JP, maybe you know him?

Fred Brown

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 15, 2019

Snow every day??!?

snow forecast

This is the very first time I have ever seen snowflakes dancing all across the weather report.  NOAA is now teasing us with a chance of 8 to 17 inches of snow over the next few days.

The mountain just had 10 to 12+ inches of rain from the last storm – 12.6 on Birch Hill. (Thank you Will Parent!).  So, the grades have been closed several times because of downed trees, mud slides, huge boulders and rocks blocking the road.

We all have our stories… It took us 2 hours to get from the top of the mountain to Valentine Dinner in Pauma Valley last night – normally 30 minutes.  But, oh, so worth it!  🙂 Take care out there and remember your tire chains over the next few days.

For those of you just dreaming of a place of your own on Palomar, we have some to choose from now, and several more that will be coming your way real soon.

Meanwhile, the ‘Treasures’ of ours, oh, you know, our next door grandkids, are really looking forward to more sledding opportunities.  Hope you can come join us real soon!

Bonnie Phelps … stoking the fire

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 13, 2019

Plan for your Chipping Piles

From: Cecelia Borland, Fire Safe Council

The Palomar Mountain Fire Safe Council has money for free chipping.

After this snow melts, you are invited to prepare piles for chipping.  All cut ends need to face the road or an area easily accessible to the chipper.

Please call Robert Carlyle 760 742-1891 when your piles are ready.  When there are enough piles on the mountain for a full days work for the chipper, Robert will arrange and you will be notified as to the date.

Free chipping while the funds allow.

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 11, 2019

Magic Carpets!


Stuck in the snow?  Does your vehicle have floor mats?  They are magic!

When we were promised 18+ inches of snow, our son parked his Prius in our driveway.  Only three inches of snow arrived at our place.  He walked down to get his car.  Shouldn’t have been a problem at all to get out.  However, several days with temps in the 20s had those tires frozen solid.  He chipped, dug and shoveled and we just couldn’t get the car to budge.  I was going to back in my car to tow when I remembered about Magic Carpets!

These are some old rugs I keep to protect the back of my car when hauling firewood for those cute grandkid’s Woodpecker Firewood Business.  We tucked those rugs under the tires and backed right out until we hit another patch of that icy snow.  Moved the Magic Carpets again and got right out.

I’m guessing most of you have floor mats in your vehicle?  This time of year, it is always a good idea to have a shovel with you, too. A shovel, plus magic carpets could just save the day!

Bonnie Phelps, just lovin’ this snow!

PS – There’s no business like snow business … for seeing property on Palomar!



Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 8, 2019



This sure has been a beautiful couple days after our last snow!


The bright blue sky was calling to me so I kidnapped a ‘driver’ and we took off.  That cowboy was pretty patient as we were out for a couple hours.  I couldn’t resist hiking around to capture lots of snow photos of current listings to head your way real soon.

But, alas!  My ears got so cold and really ached!  About that time we saw Mountain Contractor, Tom Fortney.  I mentioned my ears and he cautioned that the same thing happened to him and I needed to keep my ears covered.  Just a tip for all of you with our lower-than-normal temps. (Thanks Tom for the fun pic of me with no hat! I’ll remember next time).

Here is a peek of the first two cabins-in-the-snow with more to come in next couple days!

Isn’t this Happy A-Frame charming with a blanket of snow? More details are here.  The cabin is fresh and new and waiting for YOU!

The Forest Retreat has so many possibilities with the extra land. Please click on the video, below, turn your sound on, and take a look around!  Then, let’s go see!

Don’t forget your hat!!!

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor-in-the-Snow


Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 5, 2019

8 inches of rain so far!

Wonderful rain with only a dusting of snow so far.

IRCC1 BIRCH HILL 7.57* 5645
PMMC1 PALOMAR CRS 7.49* 5387

Thanks to east Grader, Frank McCarthy, here is the link  you can check anytime. Frank said, “They usually post totals once or twice a day. If you want season, select ‘Palomar’ on the NOAA Weather main page and click “5 Day History” and then “Water Year Oct 1- Sept 29”

Bonnie Phelps

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 4, 2019

Temps in the 20’s!

100 snow

Happy ducks with all this rain!  Looks like Palomar has little water features popping up everywhere!

Tonight we are promised some of the white stuff and about 10 degrees colder than last week for a few more days.   Check out the weather report.

I’ll never forget a few years ago.  I had just been mailed keys to a new cabin listing by the out-of-state owners.   Running in to take photos, I was so surprised to see their toilet in several broken pieces on the floor with a chunk of ice in the middle.  We don’t need that kind of drama up here.  It is easy to avoid.  Simply have your water off, pipes drained and antifreeze in the sinks, tub/shower drains and toilets.

Heading out now with some antifreeze for my current listings. Are you a weekender that needs your property winterized?  Like some help? Just let me know.  We have several options for you.

Now, we need to get those sleds lined up, soup on, and the hot chocolate and marshmallows ready to go.


Bonnie Phelps, Realtor


Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 1, 2019

Horseback riding lessons on Palomar!


Do you know someone who would like horseback riding lessons?  I think we all do!

Miss Jamie sure has a fan club with our family!  Our four grandkids have loved to their lessons with Miss Jamie.  I was thrilled to see she is opening up a winter option for students.  Here is the info:

From: Jamie Anderson


Palomar Christian Conference Center is starting to offer horseback riding lessons! 😊We are starting with four weeks and plan to begin again in the fall and continue through next winter. The schedule is as follows:

February 2019 Dates: 4, 11, 18, 25 (all Mondays)

Riders ages 7 and up: riding lessons will be 1.5hrs long and will include grooming, tacking, riding, untacking, and putting horse away. Maximum of 7 riders per class.
Lesson times: 1-2:30pm and 2:45-4:15pm
Cost $25/class or $80/session (all 4 lessons)

Riders ages 3-6: lessons will be 45 minutes long and will include some grooming and tacking, lead-line lesson on very basics of riding.
Lesson time: 11-11:45am
Cost $10/class or $28/session (all 4 lessons)

*In the event of rain indoor classes will be held at the PCCC Barn.
** In the event of snow in which the roads are not safe to drive, lessons will be rescheduled.

All lessons will be co-taught by Jamie and Gill, certified riding instructors, on PCCC horses.

(We are looking into becoming a vendor for Inspire but are not at this time.)

Please, contact Jamie Anderson at (330) 465-5123 or for more information and to schedule lessons.

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 1, 2019

Happy A-Frame Cabin in the Woods For Sale

A newly remodeled cabin is waiting for you!  3 bedrooms, plus a loft, totaling 1859 square feet with the finished, walk-out basement.  Please come in and check it out!

Could be ideal for full-time living and such fun to decorate.  Simply click Palomar Mountain Real Estate for more info.

Extra umbrellas are waiting for you here!  Come see the newest cabin listing to see if this is the one for YOU!

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night will keep this mountain Realtor from giving tours of this ever-changing, wonderful mountain we’ve also called ‘home’ for over 20 years!

Come on up!

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor, since the beginning of the Century!

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