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What do you love about Palomar?  How about the views?  You see Point Loma out there with the San Diego skyline and islands dotting the Pacific – so close and yet so far away –  up here in the beauty of the Four Seasons! Have a message to go out?  Simply send it my way.   If you don’t see it posted within 24 hours, please reach out to me. Glad to keep the news heading your way about our favorite mountain!  
and Palomar Mountain Real Estate since the beginning of the Century!
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Persistence payed off for Palomar Composer, Larry Groupé

One of our Palomar Neighbors Larry Groupé. is a composer. Over the years, I’ve posted stories about his music, written with much inspiration from his setting on this beautiful mountain.

“Larry Groupé is one of the most talented and versatile composers working today in the entertainment industry. With an impressive musical résumé in film and television as well as the concert stage, his achievements have received both critical praise and popular acclaim”

You are invited to listen to Larry share how he got started and what really launched his career. This Museum of Music video begins about the 10 minute mark.


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Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | November 12, 2020

Remembering our Veterans

Thinking back over the years, it has been so meaningful to meet some of our veterans who have enjoyed Palomar Mountain. One man was in the Bataan Death March in 1942. Another flew fighter planes in WWII. Recently I spoke to the last survivor of the USS Tang submarine. We’re proud to know quite a few Viet Nam vets. Guessing there are veterans from all the branches of service, that have defended our freedom on many foreign soils. As more and more full-timers move to Palomar, we welcome active duty military serving our country with this little community as their home base.

With gratitude we salute all veterans and active military and a big Happy Birthday to the United States Marines.

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | November 2, 2020

Butterfly Farm and Crochet Patterns?

What a treat to have this info from our Palomar Historian, Peter Brueggeman. He just finished writing a biography of “Esther Parnell Hewlett, Butterfly Woman of Palomar Mountain.” Her biography is listed on his Palomar Mountain history webpage: and can be directly accessed at…/hewlett-palomar.pdf

Here is just a peek into her life on Palomar:

Esther’s family moved to Palomar Mountain in 1913, and Esther started capturing and raising local butterflies and moths for sale to collectors as specimens or in frames, trays, etc. She was known as the “Butterfly Girl” on Palomar Mountain. This grew to become a family business and continued in much greater scale after the family relocated to Upland in 1919. Esther became known as the “Butterfly Woman,” “Butterfly Lady,” and “Butterfly Queen”… she and her family ran the only butterfly farm in the US. Esther Hewlett was very creative in crochet design, and while she was on Palomar Mountain started selling crochet designs to magazines. Crochet design grew into her main business and though Esther Hewlett died in 1975, she is well known for crochet design to this day.

Click to see some of her many crochet patterns available.

More info can be found on the Old Butterfly Farm of Palomar

Palomar History by Peter Brueggeman

Esther Hewlett History by Peter Brueggeman

Thank you so much Peter from all of us on Palomar!

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Halloween 2020

For a very last minute mountain event, Trunk or Treat was sure fun for all who joined in. Here is a peek of some very happy kids, hooray to the mountain neighbors to made it happen under a beautiful mountain sky:

Thanks to Bob and Sue Parez for prompting this fun evening! Click below for the slide show – we even had a couple mtn pups dress up!
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See the Sunsets an hour earlier!

It’s that time of year again to set your clocks back. From what I understand, this gives us an extra hour to dream, oh, unless you have fur babies or cute little kids!

Thanks to Jim and Teresa McCarthy who captured tonight’s sunset for all to enjoy!

Happy Fall!

Bonnie Phelps

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | October 31, 2020

Trunk or Treat on the Mtn!

Last minute Trunk or Treat out in front of the Lodge at the end of Crestline Road! If you have treats to share with the kids, they would love that. If you don’t have treats and would just like to see the mountain kids (they are growing sooooo fast!) all dressed up, head on over to the parking area across from the Lodge. In addition to treats, think we will have enough bags of popcorn for all. Thanks for setting this up Bob!

From Bob Perez: 🎃 Hello Neighbors, It looks like there will be a group of Goblins, Heroes, and Characters looking for Treats across from the lodge this evening at 4:30.

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | October 8, 2020

Mountain Made Music Friday Night

The Smith Mountain Boys
Bill Druliner and Dutch Bergman

It is always fun to meet up on occasional Friday nights to listen to the Smith Mountain Boys. These good friends from Palomar Mountain have been playing, singing and entertaining us for nearly half a century! Come on out and tap your feet, sing along and have some great eats. The ribs are amazing, great salads, yummy appetizers and oh, the desserts the Bistro dishes out! Perfect weather for a concert in Wynola tomorrow night!

From Denise Bergman

Friday, October 9, 2020 –  5 pm – 8 pm 
Wynola Pizza & Bistro 

Santa Ysabel (Julian), CA

The Smith Mountain Boys have again been busy in the studio working on their first album, Cover Stories.  We have 8 songs in the can, which is really exciting!  We are targeting December to have the final CD’s available for sale.   

We hope you can come out and enjoy the music, great food, and friends!!!

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | October 1, 2020

Insurance Woes?

From: Cecelia Borland
Subject: CA Department of Insurance

Please see note below from the CA Dept of Insurance. Having insurance problems? They would like to hear from you:

Do you know people who have had a hard time getting or keeping insurance?

We would like to hear directly from the homeowner if they were cancelled, non-renewed and what they may have done to obtain insurance.

Please call: Telephone 800-927-4357 for questions/problems obtaining homeowners insurance in San Diego County.

Thank you, Sally Kim Westlake

Associate Insurance Compliance Officer
Consumer Education & Outreach Bureau

Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara

California Department of Insurance

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Welcome Cor and Toby – New Neighbors AGAIN!

About a dozen years ago, Cor and Toby just had to have a cabin on Palomar.  Experiencing the Four Seasons at their cabin in the woods, created lots of happy memories for their family with four kids.  Time flew by and now they already have four grandchildren! With the desire to retire on Palomar, they wanted a change and initially thought they would like to tackle a fixer.  When they came up to see cabins a few weeks ago, they had a budget for something they could breathe new life in and make their own.  I do happen to have keys to a few pocket listings so we toured those gems but nothing seemed to fit what they had in mind.  Even though they are both very creative and can do just about anything, we didn’t find the perfect fixer. 

It was pretty quiet as we were driving back.  Then I had an idea! 

I’d just posted the beautiful log home, back in on Bailey Road.  Since I never know for sure what folks are really going to end up with, I always promise a ‘Tour of Palomar’.  I decided to show them the ‘eye candy’.  So, I piped up with, “I know a place you would LOVE!”.  I keep driving without saying another word… turned up the driveway and stopped in front of that beautiful log home.

Cor was sitting in the passenger seat and with a big smile on his face he said, “SOLD!”.

It took Toby a little longer, reminding him of the price range they had set.  Seconds later they decided they could figure things out and make it work as they were walking up the steps to their dream-come-true log home.  Come to find out, Toby’s dad talked about having a log home for years, so this is for Gary!

Both Cor and Toby have worked in the water industry.  After retiring they happen to be back working again, so picked out locations for desks at their new home.  Cor is starting new position with Camp Pendleton and Toby is looking at work-at-home opportunities in the water industry.  Meanwhile, the neighbors spotted Cor’s tractor and were impressed with what he did to their cabin driveway. Cor volunteered to help Bailey Mutual Water Company with road access.  Great couple to have up here full time!   

Their family is excited, enjoying the peacefulness of nature on the mountain and anticipating all the fun in store.  After hanging out with the turkeys, deer and bats at their log cabin, the Smith Mountain Boys were a draw Friday night with the group from Palomar.  Cor and Toby have also met many of their mountain neighbors in the Baileys and have tasted the competition of dominos along with amazing gourmet mountain food.

A warm welcome to Cor and Toby!

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Free drop off! Paint, poison, toxic, electronics, and more!

Now is your chance to clear out the garage, under the kitchen sink, the back porch or where ever this kind of stuff has accumulated.

When folks decide to let go of their property up here, we often have this accumulation of things to deal with. Usually there is a charge to get rid of ‘household hazardous waste and electronics’. This event is FREE!

Clear out those old computers, small appliances, rusty old cans of whatever you have no use for, and take it away. Hooray!

Saturday, September 26, 2020 from 9 to 2 at the VC County Road Station.

Such a deal!

Click for the flyer and get ready for next Saturday!

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