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Palomar Organic Apples for You

Would you like fresh picked mountain apples?  Tomorrow morning you will have a chance to meet some of the cast from the Christmas Play that is coming up.  They will have a table at the top of the South Grade with bags of several different kinds of organic apples picked today.

With thanks from orchard owners and volunteers who picked and bagged, there will be lots to choose from at their stand.  The kids will be there to greet you and offer free samples, too.

Bags brimming with these delicious apples are available for a donation of just $5.00.  They have some pinecone fire starters left too, for just $3.00.

Look for those friendly kids tomorrow between 10 and noon while supplies last.  They might even be set up earlier!  Oh, I have an idea for you!  It could be a great morning to  meet up for breakfast at Mother’s!

Ah, a perfect day to come up to see cabins, too!  I’ll be out with an early showing appt plus one in the afternoon… glad to slip in a couple more so will be checking messages.  Come on up!

Don’t you just love Fall-on-the-Mountain!?!

Bonnie Phelps

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What do you love about Palomar?  How about the views?  You see Point Loma out there with the San Diego skyline and islands dotting the Pacific – so close and yet so far away –  up here in the beauty of the Four Seasons! Have a message to go out?  Simply send it my way.   If you don’t see it posted within 24 hours, please reach out to me. Glad to keep the news heading your way about our favorite mountain!  
and Palomar Mountain Real Estate since the beginning of the Century!
Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | November 21, 2019

Tree down on South Grade

Cecelia just called with the news that a tree is down on the South Grade.  Bonnie Spear moved some branches to slip around.  County Road Station has been notified.

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | November 19, 2019

Two charming bed frames


One of our full time families has two little girls with a daddy that just built them  a loft to sleep in.  They are soooooo excited!

Their beds are for sale for $80.00 for both.  They can be a toddler bed or easily extended to a full. Includes wood slatted base.  (Mattresses not included.)

“This extendable bed grows as your child grows – without lightening your wallet. Every detail is made with care and the timeless look is easy to match with other furniture.” (Description from Ikea)

Please call Danny and Mari 760-803-2141.

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | November 17, 2019

Free Cake at the Apple Stand!


YOU are invited to stop at the Apple Stand for a piece of free cake!  Come celebrate with us!!!  The oldest cast member in the play will be a teenager tomorrow!  Her schedule is busier than her GramBonnie’s!  Rehearsals, lessons, school, apple and show ticket sales and more!  The kids are on their way up from church and I’ll meet them at the top of the grade with their set-up and lunch.  Had a last-minute idea to surprise her with a birthday cake!

Thank you to all who have donated apples, helped pick apples, bought apples and tickets for the show on the 30th.  We would love to have you stop for free cake!!!

If you still need apples, with have big bins of a variety that were picked this morning.  Self bag or the kids will do it for you.

$5.00 and bag for these amazing organic apples from trees planted in 1904!

Today from 1 to 3 at the Summit at the top of the South Grade.  Then I’m off to show cabins with the clients stopping by the stand first!  Cabins and Cake!

Hope to see YOU soon!

Bonnie Phelps

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | November 17, 2019

Cabin in the Snow For Sale


Isn’t a fresh blanket of snow with sunny sky a beautiful sight?  You’re right.  We are still waiting for our first snow.  Rain is promised this week and before we know it we will be treated to a winter wonderland!  A few years ago, I couldn’t resist running over for pix during this beautiful snow day at Mountain Music.

You have nothing but 5 Star ratings for this much-loved vacation rental & weekend getaway. Built to be a wonderful home for full-time living with quality construction in 1997. Open living, kitchen and dining, two roomy bedrooms, 1.5 baths. Great closets and storage, convenient laundry room/pantry. Wood stove plus forced air heating (oh, such luxury!). Wrap-around deck looks out to an enchanting, serene, forest view. Water, power, phone, internet. Deck and yard area are fenced for kids or the family pup. Sparkling clean to move right in & enjoy our Four Seasons!

Like to see inside?  Simply click for MLS photos and info then I’m always glad to open the door.   Take a deep breath, you’re at the cabin now…

Bonnie Phelps

Four-Season-Fun Resident Realtor


Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | November 16, 2019

Apple Days on Palomar

judah and Robert

One of the first customers at the Theater Kid’s Apple Stand last weekend was Veronica and her children.  She walked over from their cabin on Crestline, pushing their stroller.  Robert arrived on his tractor.  Even some motorcycle riders stopped for apples.  The stand is full service!  You are welcome to sit a spell and watch the fun, too. Come one, come all!

Many thanks to our volunteer pickers who helped the children pick today; Burt and Penny Hulbert, Teresa McCarthy, and Ryan, a client who came up to see cabins (he is pretty impressed with this mountain!!!).


We are so grateful for the property owners who have given permission to pick their delicious fruit.  The trees are still so loaded with apples and they seem to be sweeter each time we pick. Each bag contains all the apples from the same tree.  From what I can gather, there are bags of Rome Beauties, Gala, Granny Smith and Pippin from these 115 year old trees where we picked today.

Cast members will be at the top of the South Grade with apples and show tickets.

Saturday  from 11 to 1 and Sunday from 1 to 3… or until sold out.

$5.00 a bag and $5.00 a ticket – Such a Sweet Deal!!!

They also have bags of apples available 24/7 at the Woodpecker Firewood Stand on State Park Road (you can’t miss it!).

100% of proceeds go to the Palomar Mountain Kids Theater Club with their first show Saturday evening of Thanksgiving Weekend.

See you at the Summit!

Bonnie Phelps



Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | November 12, 2019

Real Estate on the Highway to the Stars


You meet the nicest people showing property on our favorite mountain.  Folks with dreams of owning something on the Hightway to the Stars are extra special. They have several traits in common; they love their family and desire to spend more quality time together and they appreciate nature with our beautiful forest, birds and wildlife. They also often look forward to downsizing from their city house.  It is freeing to say “Less is best” and “Let’s go outside and take a walk in the woods…”

I’m between two showing appointments today.  The first couple just left with lots to think about.  They plan to retire on the mountain and are looking for the perfect setting, knowing they could add their personal touches to whatever they see.

My next clients are back for a return look at a couple cabins. They have been up several times.  Saturday they toured the latest offerings.  They are also looking to live full time, one mile nearer heaven.  They are coming back for a second look before writing their offer.

More full timers heading out way, longing for our very special lifestyle on the Highway to the Stars!

Would you like to have me open the doors for you?  Questions about selling, weekending or joining us full time on this mountain?

Let’s connect!

Bonnie Phelps




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Veterans Day on Palomar


The flag-waving kids from yesterday’s apple booth will be back at today.  They had such a great time selling out two days in a row, they decided to take advantage of this three day holiday weekend and do it again.

Cast members went to the city this morning with a list and their apple donation cash (THANKS ALL) to buy props for their show and are on their way up.  A certain GramBonnie will meet them at the top-of the-grade with their booth and extra red, white and blue.  These mountain home schooled kids stand for the flag, appreciate and honor our military veterans with respect … while selling apples and tickets to their show.


Today, Nov. 11, 2-19   1:30 to 3:30 or until sold out.  Apples, play tickets and fun at the top of the Palomar Grades, across from Mother’s Kitchen and the General Store.  Love to see you!

Here is a front row seat for The President’s Own Marine Corps Band.  We got to see them at Center For the Arts in Escondido last week.  Here is your chance to enjoy their  partiotic medley from your front row seat.

Thanks All!

Bonnie Phelps

for the Palomar Mountain Kids Theatre Club

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | November 10, 2019

Apple Encore & Tickets Sunday Afternoon

Thanks to all who volunteered to help pick the donated apples, for sign maker, Teresa McCarthy, all who stopped for apples and everyone who smiled and waved.  It was such a fun, happy success this morning that the kids picked and bagged another supply for the afternoon crowd tomorrow!

APPLE ENCORE and PLAY TICKETS at the top of the South Grade

Sunday afternoon, Nov. 10th, 1 until 3 or until supply runs out

It was so great to see these home-schooled mountain kids (shoes are optional) step away from some shyness, learning how to pitch their apples and theatre tickets, answer the questions, count out change, and call out a big ‘thank you’ as folks drove off.

It was a great experience for them to meet mountain neighbors, friends up from the city, tourists and campers, the CHP officers, Forest Service Crew, and even Abbot Septic Pumping Service who went away with free samples and bags of Palomar Mountain organic apples plus tickets to their show just 20 days away!

Got Kids?  Tomorrow you are welcome to stop by with your kids to help sell the apples.  It’s just good, old-fashioned fun seeing the community come together and support these kids. They were so excited to count each bag sold.  Their plan is to order props for the play with what they earned so far.

Yes, even real estate clients went home with apples today!  Started the day with a 7:45 appointment, helping at the booth, an inspection walk-through for a new escrow plus a showing this afternoon!  Think we have another new full-time couple heading our way!  Let’s see what tomorrow brings!  Hoping to see YOU… and yes, I’m glad to open the doors to cabins that are longing to be filled with the scents of simmering apples and  cinnamon!

Thank you All,

Bonnie Phelps

PS – Several city folks have asked to meet up for apple deliveries.  That can work out too as the 18 cast members are down for various lessons and activities during the week.


Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | November 10, 2019

Tickets now available for Mtn Play!


Everyone is invited to the first play for the Palomar Mountain Kids Theatre Club.  They have such a fun activity planned for you on the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, November  30th at 7 pm.   All their info is here on their flyer.  Get your tickets now!  Tickets are also available at the Apple Stand at the top of South Grade Road tomorrow from 1 to 3.


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