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What do you love about Palomar?  How about the views?  You see Point Loma out there with the San Diego skyline and islands dotting the Pacific – so close and yet so far away –  up here in the beauty of the Four Seasons! Have a message to go out?  Simply send it my way.   If you don’t see it posted within 24 hours, please call my ‘follow-me’ number at 76O 742 one 742. Glad to keep the news heading your way about our favorite mountain!   Bonnie Phelps,  Palomar Mountain News Editor since 1998 and Palomar Mountain Real Estate since the beginning of the Century.
Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | June 23, 2018

Mtn Mammals and Trail Safety

Absolutely everyone is invited next Tuesday to hear the new State Park Interpreter.  Will Myest has a great program for kids of all ages.

From: Stacy Eriksen

Tuesday the 26th, Will Myest, the State Park Interpreter will be coming to Kids Club to talk about mammals on the mountain and trail safety! He does the Junior Ranger program and has a lot to share with the kids!

Presentation will start at 10:30 at the Observatory Outreach Center. Hope to see you there!!

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | June 20, 2018

Elderberry Flowers in Bloom

IMG_8130  IMG_8162

Do you know about Elderberry Flowers?  There are lots of these bushes in bloom all over Palomar. I was introduced to this wonderful tea by Hugo Sollman.  Many of you know Hugo who has a cabin up here and has been an organic farmer in Fallbrook for many years.

A few days ago, out showing property, I noticed some beautiful bushes, loaded with the flowers.  It was fun to have Hugo stop by today and mention that we’d better get picking!

The flavor of the tea apparently comes from the pollen, so this is a perfect time for a first harvest. Hugo suggested we use clippers and brown paper bags.  When you get home, shake the bugs and spiders off on newsprint, let dry in the bag for a week or so, then the buds come right off the stem.  You can put it in jars for flu-season or anytime healthy tea. The flowers are good to add to your salad and you can also use them in pancakes!

Great video has lots of good elderberry tips:

Be sure to respect private property if you are out picking.  Of course, Amazon has bags of these blossoms for sale, too!

A friend passed this on for fun pancakes made with the whole elderberry flower. I think we need to do this – quick. Lots of flowers along the public road easements.

From Karina:
“This just came from a group I belong to -California Native Plants.
Is not the healthiest, since those are fritters, but I believe is super fun project to do with kids as those will be pancakes fritters!
Collect some umbels of elderflower. Leave some of the stems on for handles. You can wash them gently to clean them if you want…or dip them in water and set on paper towels to dry. Dip them in your favorite pancake batter until flowers are coated. Then fry in oil until crispy. ( Try to make sure those handles stay upright for ease of removal). Let them drain on more paper towels. Some folks put sugar or cinnamon or whatever on them. Some like them plain. Pretty easy. Thumbs up from my crew so far.”


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Silvercrest Hike

IMG_8158  IMG_8156

Like a fun hike tomorrow (Tuesday) with some mountain neighbors?  Kids Club is meeting in the parking area, on the right, before you get to the State Park Kiosk. There is a great trailhead there that takes you out along the rim with an amazing  view.  It makes a nice loop to spend some time at the Silvercrest campground and then loop back to the cars.  Hope you can join in.  Bring your water bottles and your own snack.

This week there are also 8 mountain kids taking the Kindermusik Day Camp with Miss Jody.  This mountain is a great place for kids!

From: Stacy Eriksen

Tomorrow, if you’re not having fun at Jody’s Kindermusik class, meet at 9:45 at the entrance to the State Park by the sign out front. We’ll head in at 10am on the Silvercrest Trail to the picnic area, about a half-mile. We can play there for a little bit, maybe do an art or craft project, and then head back out. Hoping we are back at our cars by noon!

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | June 19, 2018

PMFSC Mtg Saturday

From: Cecelia

The Fire Safe Council meeting will be this Saturday, 10:00 AM at the Fire Station.

All are welcome.

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | June 15, 2018

Campfire Sing-Along


Like to sit around a camp fire and sing?  Look what the State Park has for us!  A kid friendly event, each Saturday in June, from 7 to 7:45 pm:

From: Palomar Mountain State Park

Join us at the Campfire Center on Saturday evenings to sing classic campfire songs and classic rock songs. You’re sure to leave this program with a song in your heart!


Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | June 15, 2018

Buy land with a LOAN??!!?


“Buy land”, Mark Twain said, “they aren’t making any more of this stuff!”

After 18 years as a Realtor, I honestly don’t remember one time a client secured a loan for a purchase vacant land – until recently.  Vacant land had always been cash, or a rare, seller carry-back situation. Several clients have tried loan options, but I can’t think of any working out.

What a surprise when this new-to-me lender funded and closed!  The buyer actually had the contact for his lender.  I was very skeptical.  Vacant land, no well, no structures at all, nothing on the property but trees, a few deer and lots of birds.

Everything was so smooth for the transaction.  There were a few conditions that were surprisingly, very reasonable.  The lender was very responsive with frequent updates, so professional and a pleasure to deal with.

I can not keep him a secret and must share his contact info with all you!

Thinking of a re-fi? Give Matt a call.  Like to have a loan for a cabin, home or ranch anywhere in California, Oregon, Idaho and Washington? Matt is glad to assist.

Looking at vacant land? Here are the requirements:

25% cash down, 6 months reserves, Credit score of 680 or higher.  If no well, cert letter from a driller. No septic? perk test required.  If the land is off the grid, it would need 35% down.

Matt can get your questions answered for all things in the lending world:

Matt Towery, VP-California Regional Production Manager

951-400-2216   Email Matt    NMLS# 276667

And, I’m glad to get your questions answered for all things in the Real Estate world!

Let’s work together to make those dreams come true!

Thank you,

Bonnie Phelps



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Do you have a clear title report?

Hello Everyone,

Recently I completed a transaction with one of the more interesting and challenging title reports.  Thinking about it today, I thought I’d share a bit, since it might benefit some of you.

Years ago, I met with a property owner.  He was thinking about selling and we did a lot of talking that day.  He was very proud of a recent easement he had acquired through neighbor’s land, to get to the public road.

He went into quite a bit of detail about how great it was to have that easement and the work it took to get it.  It was so important since his property had been landlocked all those decades.  The building department requires a ‘legal, deeded, plotted road’ to pull a permit to build.  Even though he had driven to his land for years, he’d finally acquired the easement that added so much value.

Fast forward about 15 years or so…  His son contacted me as the family decided they were going to let the property go to a new owner.  I always immediately pull a title report with ‘all items and plotted easements’.   It takes time to get the report in, review and be ready to even market the property and then eventually, close the escrow.

I was so surprised the property showed up landlocked!  Dad is no longer with us to ask for more details.  Connecting with the heirs, we carefully walked through family files, looking for “The Easement”.  There were two old easements found, but not recorded properly and not what the dad had talked to me about. He had traded 5 acres of land for the easement.  The land was parceled off, but where was the easement in exchange? We pulled title with two other companies in an effort to locate the missing document.  I’d sold property along the area we drive past, so had a little working knowledge and researched those lots.  Finally consulted with a surveyor that got us some county documents to solve our mystery.

The seller and I talked about the fact that if I hadn’t met years ago with his dad, I wouldn’t have even had the knowledge an easement was missing.  The heirs only had a very casual knowledge and did not realize something much more beneficial was out there.

It was not until right before closing that everything finally came together.  It took several months of a lot of digging to get what was finally found.  It is correct and now recorded properly.

What happened?  The easement was approved by the county, as part of a large, neighboring subdivision map.  It was mentioned in the fine print, on that map, which directed us to the documents at the county.  Those documents had not been recorded with the subject property – until now.  This is just one example of many clouds on title I’ve worked on to clear.

How can this benefit YOU?  Many of you have easements or ownership changes that you are aware of, perhaps have had done, but maybe not recorded with your  property. I’m glad to help – whatever your property is .

Most of Crestline and Birch Hill are landlocked with all title companies. But the majority of the parcels have very clear, deeded easements that have been finalized, just not recorded, for about 95% of the properties. If you have property in those  areas, those easements belong to YOU.

Have you purchased in the past couple years? These new easements have all been recorded with my transactions. But if you haven’t purchased recently and live on Crestline or Birch Hill, there is a very good chance your property is landlocked on title.  It would be pretty much impossible to find and record this easement without these documents in my files.

I am glad to assist, at no charge, pointing you in the right direction to have a very clean title report.  We could check on your ownership and the rest of the report.  Then, I would provide the deeded easement documentation for title to add and record for your property.

The title company would have a charge for this service, but I don’t.  Just glad to help dust off some old reports and get those clouds to go away and add a lot more value to your real estate!

Simply email me your address or APN – Assessor Parcel Number (you can get that off your tax bill). I’ll copy you on a message to title to get this rolling.

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor

Let’s Connect!

See also Easement News – Map 9,   Birch Hill Easements and

Palomar Mountain Real Estate



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Plan for a Road Closure next week!

road closed

Plan options for your trips up and down the mountain next Monday and Tuesday nights.  According to Caltrans, the road closure for June 18 and 19 is to be from 7 at night to 7 in the morning.

Road closures at Hwy 76 “Stage Stop” Roundabout.  Apparently one lane will be open Monday night (with maybe an hour delay) but a FULL closure is planned for Tuesday night.

I’m guessing there might be quite a parade of folks enjoying the beautiful views from the Nate Harrison Grade the first of the week.

It won’t be long now and the Roundabout will be open to all!

Roundabout to open Wednesday, June 20th

Click for some history:  Stage Stop Roundabout


Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | June 9, 2018

Dumpster filled up FAST!

Wow, just picked up a message that the dumpster filled up by about 11 am.  That is terrific.  Apparently another dumpster is on it’s way next month.

The next best deal in the county is the Pala Transfer Station.   Very reasonable, and we  have several guys who do hauling up here.  Glad to connect you.

Happy Spring Cleanup!

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | June 8, 2018

Solar Ovens and Cyanotype

Summer is around the corner, so the Palomar Mountain Kids Club is celebrating with a Sun Day! Solar oven cooking, home-made ice cream sundaes, telescope viewing of the sun, and sun art!! The party will be on June 12th, 10am at the Observatory Outreach Center on Canfield Road.  (Storytime with Stacy for the littles will immediately precede it from 9:30-10am.)

Bring a solar oven to cook your lunch in! Here are instructions to make one type: , but there are all different kinds to make.  Does anyone have a solar oven?  It would be great if you could bring it to show the kids!  Also bring your own food to bake in the oven. Cheese is easy to melt. Suggested: pizzas on english muffins, cheese nachos, quesadillas. There are some recipes for other items at website above as well.

We’ll be making ice cream for sundaes. Eat a sundae on our Sun Day! Yay! Everyone needs to bring both a gallon and a quart zip lock bag, as well as a topping for the sundaes to share — just no nuts, please! (We have a child with severe nut allergies.)

We’ll do cyanotype paper art, so bring things for exposing! Start thinking about what objects your kids would like to put in a cyanotype print. Just do a google on it — there are tons of ideas. Fun!!

Nothing needed for sun viewing, except a big thanks to Steve Flanders.

The Palomar Mountain Kids Club meets every Tuesday morning at various locations on Palomar. For more information, email or call 0214.

Come play with us!



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