Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | March 10, 2010

Will you help Mike?

From: Mike Stevens
Subject: San Diego Lung Cancer Walk, May 2nd
Please Join Our Team and Walk With Us

Lung cancer is responsible for over 30% of all cancer deaths. It kills twice as many women each year as breast cancer and three times as many men as prostate cancer. The fastest growing group getting lung cancer are young women who have never smoked. We don’t know why. It is sad that lung cancer is the most underfunded cancer even though it kills more people than the next 5 cancers combined

On May 2nd, 2010 I am participating in the 2nd annual San Diego Breath of Hope Lung Cancer Walk.  I hope that you can help make a difference by walking with me on May 2nd or making a donation to my team. Also I would hope that if you see legislation to support lung cancer funding, you would vote for it. Thank you.

Follow This Link to visit my personal web page and help me in my efforts to support Lung Cancer Alliance.

Some email systems do not support the use of links and therefore this link may not appear to work. If so, copy and paste the following into your browser:

Save the Date:  Lung Cancer Night at Petco Park on June, 12th. I will soon have discounted Padre tickets available for those of you interested in going to the game on the 12th against Seattle. We are trying to show San Diego that lung cancer patients are no longer going to be quiet and we have to start funding lung cancer at least equal to it’s health impact.

San Diego Breath of Hope Lung Cancer Walk
Mike Stevens
La Jolla   858 459-5291
On the Mountain 760 742-4305

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