Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | April 11, 2011

BBQ Mtg Notes – It’s going to be FUN! Wanna help?

From: Susie Kellogg


BBQ Planning meeting was held on Sunday, April 10.  Kym, Susie, Mary, Greg, John Mandel, John Lesac and Cecelia attended.

Click for a list of committees and volunteers who have signed up.  We need lots more volunteers!  This will be posted at the post office.

Kym has sent off the on-line request for JetBlue airline tickets for our grand prize offering.  She is sending out doz ens of donation request letters to other companies this week, and asked everyone to think of additional businesses that we could ask for donations.

We are working on  pinning down the number of vendor booths to expect so that Greg Van Idsinga site can map out the site.  Cecelia Borland offered to contact vendors to get commitments.

Mary Burdick offered to use her contact base to help promote the event.  She also offered to contact the motorcycle photographer to see if he might want to set up a vendor booth and take photos of kids/families with the fire engines. (As of this morning, he has already agreed!)

John Lesac volunteered to help with sound set-up and he joined the Logisitics Committee to assist Greg.

We all agree that we want live music at the event, but do not have any commitments from musicians.  Blue grass and/or country music would be perfect.  We are planning to bring the old stage and dance floor back to life this year with fresh paint, seating and lights. 

Kimba Platt was able to get a balloon arch donated for  the entrance to the event. 

Kym received confirmation from the SD Firefighters Association’s to have their 1956 fire truck available for rides.  It seats several people.

Susie will start working on BBQ Volunteer Tshirts to be sold at the event, incorporating this year’s theme “PMVFD Volunteers Rockin’ the Mountain” and this year’s theme colors:  red, white and blue.

Next BBQ Planning Meeting will be Sunday, May 22 at 12:00 Noon at the Community Center.  In the meantime, please communicate with Kym and myself and each other via email or phone.

See you then!

Susie Kellogg

PMVFD Volunteers Rockin’ the Mountain!

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