Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | December 28, 2011

PRESS RELEASE: Can this be true? Watch out East Grade folks…

For the life of me, I can not imagine why the USFS would cut locks on private property to destroy roads so they can not be used for fire suppression.  However, I have no reason to doubt Jerry’s message below.  Pass the word.

From: Gerald Fisher []
Subject: Wild Grader

Last week we came home to a large Catepiller Road Grader parked on our property in the water company loading area off Hwy. 76.

A call to the contractor named on the equipment disclosed he was working for USFS.

Today, Keith Steinberg, Mgr. of Rey River Ranch (RRR) and I met with the grader supervisor, Mark, of Wm. Kanayan General Contractor:  Tel: (909) 337-5428.

The story told was as follows:

  • The contract covers the Cleveland Nat. Forest (CNF)
  • The work is to tear up existing roads so they cannot be used to service the forest; for fire fighting; to discourage off-road travel.
  • To the south of RRR is an area of CNF.
  • After finishing work adjacent to RRR, their contractor admitted to Keith and I that he ‘cut’ the gate cables on an adjacent private party’s land, and ‘cut’ the gate cable on the RRR.
  • The  contractor tore up RRR roads.
  • When  asked upon what authority he felt he could, by force, enter private property, he answered, “I was told by my contact with USFS (CNF) that it was okay”.
  • Mark further disclosed that he was personally shown, by the CNF person, the  private property road that was to be destroyed.
  • Keith and I made it quite clear that the use of private property, without permission of the owner, under these circumstances has not, is not, permissible. Probably dating back to 1776!!
  • Further, to cause injury to private property, or use of private property, even though supposedly authorized by the CNF, paints the contractor with the same stripes as the government.

I aalert you to this because the next area they were going to work on, starting today, is on and off Hwy 7 , East Grade Road.

The above highlights the observation that not only is there no respect (fire and maintenance) for the Public Lands, trees, wildlife, etc., but none for the taxpayer and his property that pays for this abuse!!


Gerald W. Fisher
Mitchell Consulting Company
23550 Hwy. 76
Santa Ysabel, CA 92070
(H):  (760) 782-9208
(C):  (619) 540-3611
Fax: (760) 782-0824


  1. I subscribed to your newsletter to keep tabs on possibly buying or renting upon Palomar Mt. My hubby and I are living proof of the blatant disregard the usfs has for the people they are supposed to serve and as a result are basically homeless and living with our son. We rented a cottage from the usfs in the small town of Agness, OR and were caretakers of the 2 acre site which also housed our little town museum that so many people had worked long and hard to create a top notch historical site visited by many over the last 18 years. The entire compound was built by the CCC’s in the late 1930’s and is considered a historical site. To cut to the chase, and not wear your eyes out, the usfs opted to dispose of the property (so they can pee away the funds per usual) and we had to move out but even worse than that, they made the museum move out as well, plus our local volunteer fire dept had to move their equipment out of another building. They wouldn’t give us any relocation assistance and we’re seniors on social security. They do stupid inane things with total disregard. In our case they could have given the property to our little town but instead said they HAVE TO sell it at auction. This was June lst and it still sits empty and in disrepair. They’re trying to close down roads too in that area of the Siskiyou National Forest. If you threaten them with law suits and just bad press you might just fend them off. I wrote to all our gov. reps to no avail, but I get E for Effort and the usfs get’s PIA and the lst two words are Pain In Happy New year folks.

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