Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | May 25, 2012

Friends of Our Family – Kye Matthew

As you are preparing for your Memorial Day weekend, I just thought I’d reach out to you this early, misty morning on Palomar.  Some of you subscribers to the Mountain News we don’t know personally, but decided to share with you all.

Our family is celebrating the life of our youngest grandson this weekend, Kye Matthew.  He had two and a half years of so many adventures.  Most of his time was spent at Children’s Hospital with wonderful care by many doctors and nurses who loved on him so much.  He joined our family in the Fall and changed our lives forever.

Kye Matthew, also known as ‘Mr Bug’, ‘Kye Guy’, ‘Snuggle Bug’ and ‘Little Brother’ had some very fun times on Palomar Mountain.  However, he really didn’t know what to think with his brother and sisters giggling and laughing so much in that very cold white stuff, but did learn a new word: “snow”.   He fed carrots to Buddy-the-Horse, played with Domino and Moustrap-the-cats, loved riding in the little cars down in the apple orchard, and looking out to that view from our very loud Polaris.   It was so amazing to see him step outside those hospital walls, into our life, and see the joy in him, discovering very simple things in our big, beautiful world.

Our little guy has been in heaven about a week now, and our family will be together this weekend remembering how much he loved life here on earth.

My prayer for you all this morning is that YOU enjoy every little minute with your family and friends. Giggle, laugh and smile, and be thankful for all you have, your adventures, big and small.

A happy Memorial Day Weekend to you all, honoring our Military, and their families, with hearts of gratitude for the many freedoms our families enjoy.

God Bless You All,

Bonnie and Don


  1. Love and prayers, Patsy

  2. So sorry to hear of your loss. Kye sounds like a wonderful little boy and will hold a special place in your heart forever. We are wishing you and your family peace and love during this time.

  3. Our sympathies are with you Bonnie,Don and your family. I’m sure the angels will take care of your Grandson and pray that they will help you at this time of grief.

  4. Dear Bonnie & Donn… I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your precious little grandson. He is home with Jesus. No more pain. My prayers go out to all of your family at this difficult time. May the happy memories Kye Matthew has left you with give you strength. Love, Susan

  5. Oh Bonnie- We love you both!
    That’s EXACTLY what we should all be doing EVERY day, not just on a holiday weekend or when we are reminded of how lucky we are by the grief of others. Have a beautiful weekend connecting and enjoying and praying and remembering- God bless and keep you all!
    Kym, Alex and Isaiah

  6. Hi Bonnie- Dad told us about Kye Matthew on Sunday. My husband and I were both sad to hear that he left his life on earth but were joyous for his new life in heaven with Jesus. We will be at his Celebration of Life tomorrow at 1pm to pay our respects.

    The first time I met Kye and heard of all the stuff he was battling in his small body, I was impressed by his spirit and his beautiful smile. That little boy left his mark on my heart and I will never forget him. When I think of obstacles I have to over come I think of Kye Matthew and know my problems should be handled with the same jest for life and joy he had in his short time on earth. God does send us angels and that little boy was certainly one of them. Love you all….

  7. Thank you for sharing pieces of Kye’s life with us all. I am thinking and praying for everybody involved today. I am Kye’s “great” Aunt Jeneva Johnson. Condolences to everybody today. I am sure Kye is running fast and playing hard with other children in Heaven 🙂

  8. That’s a beautiful post Bonnie! Have a loving weekend!

  9. Our deepese sympathy for your loss Bonnie & Don. So sorry to read this.
    Andi & Dean Babcock

  10. Bonnie, thank you for sharing this part of your life and reminding us to enjoy our loved ones while we have them. We do take them for granted – human nature. So sorry for your loss.

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