Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | April 23, 2013

Like to work in the State Park?

Palomar Mountain State Park guided hikes
Opportunity for Employment
Interpretive Specialist
Seasonal part-time, May through September

Palomar Mountain State Park is looking for talented applicants to help launch a pilot program called “Palomar Outdoor Youth Challenge”. The Seasonal Interpretive Specialist will develop and present thematic interpretive programs to inner city children, at risk youths, or underprivileged youths. Programs may include nature hikes, interpretive talks, hands on activities, and slide show programs. The applicant will be responsible for marketing the program, networking with groups (Pal Programs, Boys and Girls Clubs, Outdoor Outreach, Inner City Outings- Sierra Club…) scheduling programs with groups, and keeping a daily log of activities. Since this program is funded by SDG&E, a report at the end of the program will also have to be completed for weights and measures of success. Our objective for this program is for each child to walk away with a new value and appreciation for nature. Something they will retain lifelong.
The successful applicant will have skill or experience in one or more of the following areas:
• Outstanding communication skills both verbal and written
• Positive, professional appearance and attitude
• Experience planning a thematic interpretive program
• Experience leading nature walks or teaching environmental education
• Excellent computer skills
• Must enjoy working with children
• Ability to work in a fast paced atmosphere with noise and interruption
• Initiative to evaluate a situation and take appropriate action
• Ability to learn quickly and work independently- self motivated
• Enthusiasm for the park’s resources
• Great physical shape and ability to hike at 5,000 feet of elevation
• 4-yr college degree required
Further Information: Palomar Mountain State Park is located at 19952 State Park Rd, Palomar Mountain, CA 92060. No housing will be available for this position. A uniform must be purchased and worn. The approximate cost is $120.00. The Seasonal Interpretive Specialist is expected to work weekends, holidays, and occasional odd hours.
The application deadline is Monday, April 29thth by 4:00p.m. Interviews will be scheduled on Tuesday, April 30th. To prepare for the interview look up Palomar Mountain State Park on the parks website and study up on resources you can find here. You will have to give a two minute on the spot interpretive talk about an object you choose from a box. The approximate start date: May 10th, 2013.
To Apply: Fill out a standard form 678, available at any California State Park Office, or online at and fax to (760)742-1092. For more information, email Ranger Jessica Murany or call Friday-Monday (760)742-3830.


  1. All that for the princely sum of about 12.00 an hour. Sounds like a great job for someone who is well educated at great expense, independently wealthy, has great private health insurance, no family, is philanthropically motivated and whose wealth of talent, expertise and intellect has somehow been overlooked by government and corporate America. Or undervalued. Yes, that would be about right. Why are we demanding more of American workers and compensating them less all the time?

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