Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | May 4, 2013

Amgen Tour de California Art by DJ – Quick, get your set!

When I saw DJ’s recent photo on Facebook of the beautiful art he created for the Amgen Race, I absolutely loved it. I popped in Mother’s Kitchen at the perfect time today as his shipment of posters was being delivered. He had this printed on heavy duty card stock with the fade resistant, high gloss finish. In French, it reads ‘Tour of California 2013 Palomar Mountain Stage 1’.
I was happy to hear he has a few of the last race flyers left that he also created. I can see these framed and hung in cabins and homes as collectibles.
Mine are extra special because the artist autographed them for me!
How can you get your set? Quick, run in The Store first thing tomorrow, or call and they have mailing tubes to ship them to you. 760 742-3496
What am I thinking??? These are wonderful!!! I’m going in for another set in the morning! See you there!


Click for race details, official site, lodging and more!

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