Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | May 9, 2013

Road Closure times for Saturday AND Sunday

There will be TWO races this weekend. Roads will have delays with rolling closures for Saturday’s Pre-Race and for Sunday’s Amgen Tour de California! Plan accordingly.
Subject: road closure times for Amgen bike race Sunday From Rosemary Johnston

I just got off the phone with CHP sergeant Scott Payson to find out road closure times for East Grade and South Grade during the Amgen bike race Sunday. He said the biggest crowds are expected on East Grade, fyi. If the cyclists are traveling about 20 mph, he anticipates East Grade will close down at 1:30; if they are going faster than that, estimated closure time moves to 12:45. For South Grade, estimated closure time is anytime between 1:30-2:20 p.m. Residents should plan their car trips accordingly that day, and it helps those of us with Amgen related events to let others know if they want to be on the mountain to see the race at the summit, they had better be up there before the roads close, depending on which way they drive up. Residents who are out and about in the ‘lowlands’ need to be aware they may have to wait to ascend East Grade or South Grade if the Amgen cyclists are on the route. Payson’s phone number is (760) 757-1675 if you wish to confirm or obtain additional info re road closure status.

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