Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | June 15, 2013

New Neighbors – Will, Doug, Chopper, and Rocky

Their first introduction to Palomar was for a relative’s wedding at the Lodge in 1999. A desire to see more of our views and night sky, turned into camping trips at Baileys, the Observatory Campground, State Park, and Fry Creek. So, they decided that a cabin up here would be pretty nice. After looking for a few years, and finding a challenging fixer, friends talked them out of it because of the amount of work needed. However, when this home on Birch Hill came up, they felt they could handle the remodel and just had to have it! (If only Birch Hill was paved to the first curve, if only…) “Spiced Gingerbread” exterior paint goes on next, and a wrap-around deck is in the works. Their new “State Park Grill” just arrived from Amazon. You might Google it – the same heavy-duty grill used in the State Park will now be serving up the BBQ from their new deck. When not planning their next project, Will Parent works for CSC as a Systems Analyst. He did mention a simple fix for our computer woes: “Try re-booting”. Doug Verville works for Cox. If anyone wants to volunteer to bury some cable underground, he may be able to pull some strings and get us service up here. Watch-dogs Chopper and Rocky, are very happy to have a place up here to run around and join the wildlife on Palomar.

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