Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | August 12, 2013

Why did our Fire Department sign the contract?

From: Ronchetti, Keith

There have been several postings over the past three months on ‘Palomar Mountain News’ regarding the fire department’s contract with San Diego County Fire Authority (SDCFA) but the members of the fire board still get the question “why did you sign the contract with the County?”

Here is a recap of the events leading up to that decision …

Friday, May 31st
Meeting occurred at the County Fire Authority Office to review changes to the contract.
PMVFD Attendees: Board members Linda Fortney, Bruce Graves, and Keith Ronchetti; Deputy Fire Chief Cliff Kellogg.
CFA Attendees: Susan Quasarano, Kevin O’Leary, Greg Griswold.

Saturday, June 1st
PMVFD monthly board meeting.
Discussion and results of the CFA contract meeting were shared with the community.
The CFA wanted an answer on our intent regarding signing the contract within five days.
Agreement to engage an attorney was discussed and the board took the action.

Wednesday, June 5th
We engaged attorney William Ross, highly recommended by Ron Coleman, the FireForce One consultant we have been working with for the last several months. After several conference calls and the review of numerous documents from LAFCO, the County, FireForce One, and various emails William Ross confirmed our options. His recommendation was to sign the proposed contract since the SDCFA would not extend the contract we were working under at the time which expired June 30th. This met our immediate focus to continue to provide the best service possible to our community while giving us time to thoroughly investigate our options.

Sunday, June 9th
The contract was signed for one year and the County sent a courier to pick up the hard copy Monday morning.

So the one line answer to “why we signed ” is “to gain more time to define and pursue all our options.”

Your Fire Department Board of Directors

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