Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | August 13, 2013

Cute as can be Cabin For Sale

DSC01559 One of the absolutely cutest cabins on Palomar is back on the market. We had it in escrow but credit issues prevented the buyers from moving forward. So, you have another turn on this one! Much has been done to breath new life into a very vintage cabin. Ove the past few years we have had a new wood stove, electrical, plumbing, windows, flooring, fixtures (just wait until you see the copper sink in the bathroom!), siding, fencing, oh, you just have to see! Click for more Inspiration Hideaway info. Let’s go see! Just think, you could be in for the holidays!

Please Share with your friends, too! Thank you!

Bonnie Phelps
76O 742 one 742


  1. Hi Bonnie,

    Thank you again for the kind and generous hospitality. It was so thoughtful of you to show me around to the good viewpoints and to offer me such wonderful choices of places to stay. I was able to get some good sleep for four hours and then go and view the beautiful star filled sky and the meteors.

    I drew a little card for you and want to mail it. Could you email me an address to send that to?

    Thanks again.

    With Warmth, Eileen

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