Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 11, 2013

Julian News You Can Use

When is the last time you read the Julian News? Great little paper.

When we are down at the Round Up BBQ at Lake Henshaw, or find ourselves in Julian, we always pick up a Julian paper. Love to read through the news of their Apple Days, local events, restaurant specials, and stories from that gold rush town in days-gone-by.

When I clicked through the pages of this weeks issue, it tugged at my heart to see Joel on the front page.
But, it was nice to see that Harry Joe Reynolds is playing Saturday at Pizza Factory. Many of you know HoJo from his days on Palomar – such a talented vocalist and musician. Oh, and look, The Legend of Sleepy Holler is coming up in October. Some of us have gone over the past few years to the plays they have in October. You might want to get reservations this year – old fashioned fun.

Click for this weeks Julian News and you can subscribe at their link below or catch up on some past issues.

Julian News
serving the back country since 1985
a weekly publication of record
PO Box 639 Julian, CA 92036
Voice & Fax 760 765 2231


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