Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 26, 2013

Raney Ranch Retrievers

Raney Ranch Retrievers, Steve and Carrie Raney, Mesa Grande

Friends of the Mountain, Steve and Carrie Raney have an interesting business at their ranch in Mesa Grande. They train, breed, board, sell and compete Retrievers in AKC Hunt Trials. The handsome guy pictured is named ‘Bishop’, he was recently adopted to train for hunting.

Steve is presently at AKC Master Nationals in Smith River, Kansas. 672 dogs are competing and Steve has a total of 12 dogs. He is running 9 and the other three are being handled by their owners. They judge the dogs by their marking, training, perseverance, and style. There are a total of 5 series. 6 dogs from Raney Ranch have made it to the 4th Series as of today. It is a very big accomplishment for their two clients running and handling their dogs for this 4th Series. One more series to go for this competition! Let’s cheer on Rainey Ranch Retrievers!

Here are the Raney Ranch links:

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