Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 27, 2013

Boucher Lookout Open for Tours this weekend!

Boucher Lookout Have you toured the newly refurbished, Boucher Lookout?  Thanks to Bob Price for providing this photo from the 1930’s when his folks operated a resort at Iron Springs.  They took camping guests to the lookout for the “best view in the County”!

The lookout had been closed for many years, and then completely refurbished last year.  Volunteers man the lookout looking for “smokes”.  Curt Waite is there today, and others will have it open Saturday and Sunday.  Nice and clear today so the views would be spectacular!  9 to 4 ish

Directions:  Pick up a day pass (think $8.00 per car), at the State Park and you can drive all the way up, and park outside the lookout.  A volunteer will let you in to climb the stairs to the top and look around from the catwalk.  Pretty interesting.

Lots of pix at these links:

Have you been to Boucher yet?  2012 

Boucher Open Sept. 2012

Boucher lookout looking good!  March 2012

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