Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | October 3, 2013

88.9 from Palomar – Remembering Chuck Smith

the jeff valley, palomar mountain

A couple years ago we were driving along the road in San Diego and saw a cardboard sign with only the numbers:  88.9.   For fun, I turned the radio on and heard a brand new station.   KSDW transmits from Palomar Mountain and broadcasts on 88.9 MHz.   It is owned by Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa.   When I’m in the car I enjoy listening to Chuck Smith, and the many other programs.

Calvary Chapel owned the beautiful Jeff Valley on Palomar.  I had the privilege to represent them in the sale a couple years ago.  What a pleasure to meet the pastor, Chuck Smith, along with one of his grandsons, and several other folks for lunch at our Round House up here.   It was a fun time.

The radio station posted that Chuck Smith slipped away from his earthly home today.   As one website said, “Chuck Smith will be remembered by many, but has influenced many more”    I think it is kind of special to continue to be able to turn the radio on, or listen live, online at  and hear Chuck’s  voice coming through, loud and clear, for years to come, from antennas on our favorite mountain.

See also a Tribute from Chuck’s daughter

Bonnie Phelps

Palomar Mountain, CA

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