Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | October 7, 2013

Spring Comes to Palomar Mountain


One couple that has their cabin on the market, has enjoyed so very much, writing poetry.  This mountain can sure be inspiring!  Kathy Derengowski has sent her four seasons of poems our way.  I’ve published three but just found this one about Spring in my ‘Drafts’ for the Mountain News.  Thought some of you may enjoy reading Kathy’s poetry, as you sit around your fire tonight, anticipating our first dusting of snow this week!

Spring Comes to Palomar Mountain

When springtime comes to Palomar,

To chase away the gloom

The squirrels come out of hiding

The lilacs are in bloom

Winter has been banished

As things begin to grow

The earth begins to hum and throb

We’ve seen an end to snow.

The sun shines on the mountain

The streams flow swift again

Woodpeckers drum a rat-a-tat

A hammering refrain.

Wildflowers put their finest on

And make a grand debut

Doane’s pond is ripe for fishing

And sparkles just for you.

The sleeping seeds start sprouting

The slopes turn green, and then-

We see the promised Easter,

Our spring has come again !

Kathy Lundy Derengowski

Palomar Summer

Autumn on the Mountain

Winter Night – a Palomar Poem


  1. What wonderfully descriptive poetry, evoking the actual feelings of Spring. This weekend at Palomar seemed almost like Spring weather, no evocation necessary!

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