Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | October 11, 2013

Extras needed for Film Crew Friday and Saturday

  Extras Needed – Film Crew Shooting a Classical Music Video on Palomar Mountain

A film crew from San Diego will be shooting a classical music video on Palomar Mountain Friday, October 11 and Saturday morning, October 12.

The piece of music is called “Misa Azteca,” a modern, symphonic oratorio that has been performed to sold out audiences in Carnegie Hall (twice), the Sydney Opera House, Walt Disney Concert Hall, St. Denis in Paris and recently at the Festival of the Aegean in Greece.

Musicians from San Diego and Los Angeles will be traveling up the mountain including percussionist Chris Garcia who tours with Frank Zappa’s Mothers of Invention and tenor Joey Molina who has sung in concert halls around the world.  Misa Azteca was written by film and concert music composer Joseph Julian Gonzalez, a professional composer of 24+ years.

Would you like to join us as an extra?  Come on out!   We’ll ask the men to be dressed in black pants and a black shirt and women to be in black dresses (long preferred, but can work with short dresses) or black skirt and black top.  We could use extras 16 years or so and older.

General meeting time is 3pm at the Round House on Palomar Mountain, 760-742-3853, but call first before heading there.  We’ll be shooting till dark, so come out and we’ll coordinate.

Snacks and drinks provided.

Here is a Dropbox link for one of our compositions recently performed:

Thank you very much!

Round House 760-742-3853 If we don’t answer live, please leave a message on the VM for the Round House.

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