Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | October 15, 2013

In Escrow Signs and Real Estate News

That cowboy of mine got off his horse long enough to post three “In Escrow”  signs ’round the Mountain yesterday.  Busy, busy!

There are a couple new offerings on the MLS here.    Take a look!  That link takes you to ALL cabins, homes, and ranches for sale right this minute in the entire zip code.  There is a real cute new listing that is priced to go quick and another new home listing that was just reduced.  Also have land and a couple ranches available. You know what Mark Twain said, “They aren’t making anymore of this stuff.”

One of these just might have YOUR name on it!  I’ll update my website real soon for you, but thinking some of these will be spoken for before I get that far!

We have been hovering around only 10 to 12 active listings up here for some time now.  I remember the days when we had 20 places for sale on Palomar, so our inventory is LOW!  Do you have a ranch, cabin, home, or land that you have been considering letting go of?  Let’s connect!  Glad to get your questions answered and appreciate the opportunity to market your property.

Meanwhile, who will be the next New Neighbor on Palomar?    Come on up for a tour!

Bonnie Phelps

76O 742 one 742

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