Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | October 22, 2013

Matching funds for State Park to Survive and Thrive

surviveandthrive Palomar Mountain state park

What is having our State Park kept open worth to YOU?

When we have family and friends up it sure is nice to take them to the State Park!  It made me think of how important it is to keep Palomar Mountain State Park open for them – and their kids, and those future generations-to-come!

Wondering how many folks out there might feel the same way?

How much is it worth to YOU to have this absolutely wonderful, 2000 acre park remain open long-term?  A wonderful team of volunteers to ‘Save Our State Park’ is set up to take your pledges or donations.

A couple dollars a day?  A dollar a day? A dollar a week?  A dollar a month?  Whatever works for you.

You decide what it is worth for your great grandkids to be able to fish in Doane Pond, and hike and picnic under those fabulous cedars and oaks!

Just an idea that I thought worth sharing.  Click for all the info on Matching Funds for this year.  Thanks to the volunteers with Friends of Palomar Mountain State Park for all they are doing to promote keeping our park open!





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