Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | October 22, 2013

Promo Video shot for “Misa Azteca” PRESS RELEASE

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Last Friday October 11th, a combined film crew from both Los Angeles and San Diego came together on Palomar Mountain to shoot a promotional video for a modern day symphony “Misa Azteca”.

Misa Azteca is an 8 movement concert oratorio, in the vein of a Latino “Messiah”, “Carmina Burana” or Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.  Each movement uses the actual rhythms performed by Aztec dancers in tandem with Aztec percussion, which is then joined with the full power of a Symphonic Orchestra, Choir and soloists.  Sung in 3 languages: Nahuatl (the indigenous language of Mexico), Spanish and Latin; This piece has been performed throughout the world including the Sydney Opera House and Carnegie Hall amongst others.

Misa Azteca tells the story of the spiritual and physical transformation of Mexico during the time of the Spanish Conquest.  It is about the hybridization of two different worlds – Aztec drums and symphony orchestra, Roman Catholicism and Aztec spirituality, Latin and Nahuatle – into a unique bridge between language, religion and cultures.  Besides text from the Roman Catholic Latin High Mass, Misa Azteca uses the poetry written by the Aztecs before and right after the cataclysmic fall of their culture in 1521. The poetry speaks about the coming demise of their culture as prophesied by the return of Quetzatcoatl.  Yet, the poetry also points towards the birth of an entirely new culture, which merged races, culture and faith into the unique nation of Mexico.  The dances and rhythms heard in Misa Azteca tell the story of this spiritual transformation.  The “Misa Azteca Experience” is an emotional and transcendent amalgamation of thought and emotion, expressing the deepest questions of the human heart through music.

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