Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | November 16, 2013

Acorn Pancakes? You betcha!

acorn pancakes Palomar Mountain

From: Sheila Robinson

Last week I awoke to a treasure trove of acorns magically deposited at the foot of a large cedar near the cabin. Hundreds upon hundreds of acorns appeared overnight. A friend said a squirrel’s storage trap door must’ve given way . . .  I saw a post about making pancakes, bread and other goodies with acorns.  I hope the squirrels or wood peckers don’t mind me experimenting with a few!   Sheila


This huge supply of acorns is outside Beauty in the Woods, I noticed it a few days ago and glad Sheila sent the photo for all.  I’d thought maybe she had collected buckets of acorns and dumped them there!  I’ve noticed lots of acorns in other areas now too!  Maybe the critters are stocking up for a big winter?

Googling ‘Acorn Pancakes’ got me to this link.  Looks like a lot of work!  I’d love to be a taste-tester!  Who knows, maybe this could be the beginning of an annual ‘Acorn Days’ on Palomar!?

Bonnie Phelps


  1. Good Morning Bonnie . . .

    After discovering my bounty of acorns, I did a little homework and found an online primer on all things acorn, including collecting, cracking, and creating.

    Seems they’ve been used for centuries around the world to make everything from honey acorn cakes to acorn coffee, pasta, cookies, as a nut to munch, and even acorn jello! Acorn flour keeps for years, and is really healthy, and in some of these recipes I’d sub out the companion white flour for something gluten-free like almond, coconut, teff, or bean flour.

    I think it’d be fun to show my grandkids the grinding stones used by Native American women of yesteryear who lived on Palomar Mountain, then let them make and taste a few goodies. It’s great for kids to cook from scratch and to recognize that finished food products don’t just grow in grocery stores, and what better way to illustrate this than by the humble yet mighty acorn?

    I’ll let you know how my experimenting goes, and might even get brave enough to let you taste ’em!

    Grabbing my apron as we speak,

    ~ Sheila

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