Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | November 20, 2013

Movie Night Sunday Night

its a wonderful life on palomar mountain

Let’s usher in the holiday season with a “Thanksgathering” this Sunday night!  Bring your family and your neighbors!  The Conference Center has opened up their “Canyon Room” with a big fireplace to make it nice and toasty warm for a fun evening on the Mountain.

Directions:  When you face Mother’s Kitchen and the Summit, take the road to the left, which is State Park Road.  Stop at the State Park Kiosk, and then follow the signs down to the Conference Center.  You will be turning right at your first opportunity, then drive down to where you will see another sign to the Christian Conference Center and turn left.  Drive in to the camp, and after you pass a few homes, you will veer off to your right and you are at the parking lot.  Now, follow this Map.   The “Canyon View” meeting room is on the map, (the 6th item down). You will be walking from the Parking near the bottom of the map, on the main walkway, to the Dining Hall (the 8th item on the map).  We will be meeting downstairs from the Dining Hall, around the back side, at the Canyon View meeting room.   It is about 15 minutes from Mother’s to the Canyon View room.  You might like to car pool but there is plenty of parking. Think you’ll want your FLASH LIGHTS…

Keep reading for the details from John:

From: John Lesac

The Community Center of Palomar Mountain invites you to a free showing of “Its a Wonderful Life” at the Palomar Christian Conference Center in the Canyon View room.

The showing will be this Sunday November 24 at 6:00 PM.

Hot cider, coffee, and paper goods, will be provided.

Feel free to bring a appetizer or dessert to share if desired,  but please don’t feel obligated. Just come and enjoy!

John Lesac

Community Center of Palomar Mountain

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