Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | December 5, 2013

New Neighbors – Jim and Teresa McCarthy

Jim and Teresa McCarthy Palomar Mountain

With six kids and twenty grandkids, Jim and Teresa just had to have a cabin.  This was only about half their family celebrating Thanksgiving at the cabin this year.  They love nature and want those grandkids out there climbing trees, seeing the wildlife, and experiencing all the Four Season fun that Palomar has to offer.  Jim is having a great time with his new telescope and they are both ‘birders’ so have lots to watch from their deck.  Jim is one of those guys that can do anything as a General Manager of a Plumbing Company.  Teresa has lots of projects planned to keep him busy at the cabin.  She is a Bakery Field Manager for Vons.   She is looking forward to lots of baking at the cabin, meeting the neighbors, and attending the mountain happenings.  One thing for sure, and speaking from experience, it can be a very yummy stop to pop in for a visit!

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