Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 17, 2014

Bill and Alana Aanestad – New Neighbors!

Bill and Alana Aanestad

Bill and Alana wasted no time totally remodeling, furnishing, painting and decorating their wonderful Lincoln Log cabin – so charming and inspiring!  With a quest for peace and solitude, away from their fast-paced, people-dense, city life, this little log cabin is the perfect place for re-charging.  One of their draws to Palomar is that it is so close for frequent visits since they live and work in Wildomar.  Bill enjoys music and photography and is a pastor of  Cornerstone Community Church.  Alana can’t have enough of the grandkids, planning their next cabin visit, and is the Customer Service Director at their Water District.  So, escaping to their cabin to take in the sounds of nature, is very refreshing with their family of three sons, wives, and three little ones.  They both wear other hats, once in a while, when they put on helmets and enjoy riding their motorcycles.  Bill’s new Ducati Multistrada is all about technology with tour, sport, off road, and urban options, and sounds pretty fancy.  One thing is for sure, they are enjoying every minute of their lives in the city, traveling the roads, and on the Mountain top.



  1. Lovely article, Bonnie. We are so happy that they are loving the cabin. Someday we may take you up, on a visit to your Round House. For now, staying at a lower altitude seems wise. We are both well, and enjoying this wonderful weather. I am sure that it is beautiful up there, so close to heaven 🙂 We enjoy your posts. -C&K

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