Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | March 10, 2014

Mice Alert!!!! Need CLEANING?

With the warm winter, there have been two additional breeding times for those pesky mice.  They love to live in cabins and homes where there is plenty of nesting material in your sofas, beds, and closets.

Tired of dealing with the mice that think they own the place? Like to come up to a super clean cabin? Would you like to have your cabin toasty warm with you arrive, or have the windows open for our fresh, spring air? Call Nancy!

Call the Cabinator!!!

Nancy has been a mountain resident since 1997 and really knows how to corner clean and control those mice so they move outside instead of living inside!  Cleaning on the mountain since 2007, she is meticulous – very detailed, and you will be very pleased!  Nancy has all her own equipment, very nice referrals upon request, and is ready to go!  Simply give her a call 76O 742 one754

See The Cabinator

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