Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | March 25, 2014

Do we have your mailing address? Is it correct?

Once a year the Palomar Mountain Planning Organization (PMPO)  puts together a very informative newsletter.  It is mailed to each property owner’s address.  The Fire Department uses the same data base when they send out their “Hot Notes”.  If you have had a change of address, or would like to receive the PMPO and Fire Department news,  simply reply with your name and address.  I’ll forward and before you know it, that newsletter will be in your mail!




  1. yes, thanks!


  2. We do get the newsletter and would like it to continue. Thanks!
    alicelynn and Jerry Cockrill 8901 Circle R View Lane Escondido 92026

  3. I would like to receive the PMPO , Fire Department, and any other news concerning Palomar Mountain. Thank you!

    Marsha Penner
    4532 Jutland Place
    San Diego, CA 92117

  4. Frank McCarthy 1 Cosenza Laguna Niguel CA 92677

    Sent from my iPad


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