Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | April 3, 2014

Palomar Composer Hosts Concert – You’re Invited!

Photographer / Director Larry Groupe

From:  Larry Groupé

Subject: Silver Screen Onstage concerts – April 5 & 13

Hello local friends,

I am hosting a live concert performance of music written for the stage by film composers. We explore concert music of legendary film composers and works featured in cinematic masterpieces, accompanied by captivating film clips.  I will speak briefly on the process of film music and then short descriptions of the pieces and clips that will be performed.  I hope you can make one of the two concerts.

This Saturday: April 5 – 3pm Dove Library Carlsbad

Next Sunday:  April 13 – 7pm Encinitas Library

Here’s a link to the specifics (scroll to the bottom for Silver Screen).

Very best,

Larry Groupé

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Larry Groupé face to watch in 2014

Mountain Composer New CD

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