Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | April 3, 2014

Palomar is Proud of Ranger Jessica!

jessica murany palomar mountain state park ranger
Palomar’s park ranger receives State Parks’ “Hill Award”
Palomar Ranger Jessica Murany ~ 2013 Hill Award recipient

Congratulations to Jessica Murany, Palomar Mountain State Park’s ranger. Jessica was given the 2013 Hill Award for her outstanding efforts to keep Palomar open when it was scheduled for closure.

The annual Hill Award was created to honor inspirational individuals like Ranger Jessica. In 1902, Andrew P. Hill won a hard fought battle to create California’s first redwood park in the Santa Cruz Mountains. That park, named Big Basin, became the first California state park and was the catalyst for California’s state park system.

As the sole ranger for Palomar, Jessica has taken on many different roles, including keeping Apple Days alive and rejuvenating the educational and interpretive programs in the park. She has done an excellent job of drawing public awareness to Palomar Mountain. She has helped restore the historic Palomar apple orchards, made sure the park trails are clear and accessible and refurbished the plank bridge along the old Weir Trail. These projects and many more have revived community awareness, brought the park more visitation and increased public support and interest. Her dedication to Palomar has inspired others to get involved and brought many people in the community together.

The Annual Director’s Awards Ceremony will be held on Wednesday, May 14, 2014 in Sacramento to honor Jessica and other members of our State Parks family.

Congratulations Ranger Jessica!

Friends of Palomar Mountain State Park



  1. Thanks, Ann!

  2. That’s so great, Jesse! You deserve that and more. Enjoy your award ceremony!

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