Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | April 18, 2014

What is happening in Real Estate?

land for sale palomar mountain

What is the latest in Real Estate on Palomar?  What is going on in the cities?

It sure was a busy first quarter!  We have had several properties in escrow several times, multiple creative offers on several others, but not one single new escrow for 2014 has closed yet for the entire zip code on Palomar.  (Ohmygoodness!) The lender requirements are more complicated that has made things challenging.  So, I have some great NEW resources to make that happen and we are firming up some new insurance contacts so things should go much smoother.

Also, the last few months is the absolute lowest inventory of Active listings since I got my license at the beginning of the Century!   Now, all of a sudden my phone is ringing, and the listings are coming back, and the buyers are calling so things are really turning around. It will be nice to get some things sold for sellers that are moving on, and it is always great to welcome new buyers to beautiful Palomar.

So, we have three escrows rolling right this minute, two cabins and some land that all look real good to change owners real soon.  Cabins are ready for their buyer’s final walk through, and the buyers are so excited.

CABINS  –  Click for a peek at the Cabins Waiting in the Wings.   “The Candy Cane” and “The Little Green Cottage in the Woods”.

LAND – As of last night, we have another 9 acre parcel coming up with all utilities to the property. You can take a peek of that too, on Lots and Land.

Want to hear something crazy?  With the inventory so low, I have had multiple agents call on multiple properties that were ‘withdrawn’ or ‘expired’ on the MLS.  One of those sellers agreed to let an agent show their home and since that buyer had been looking so long for the “perfect” place, they found it with that home!  So, we have a full-price offer, contingent on the sale of the buyer’s very lovely home in the city… should go quickly.  A total win-win for all!

CITY LISTINGS – Thanks to a former home owner on Palomar, I will be listing his city home.  Already had a neighbor contact me about it, and a Realtor with an interested buyer.  Owner is moving out, the painter is on the way and that should be ready in a week or so.  I love listing just about anywhere and have a great source of contacts to guide with staging to really make a difference with that First Impression.

THINKING OF SELLING?  Have YOU been tossing around the idea of maybe selling your cabin, home, ranch, lot or land?  This could really be a great time!  Sure could get some fabulous spring photos right now, and I am always glad to pull out all the stops to orchestrate staging.

Your trust in me is sincerely appreciated!

Happy Spring, and hope you have a blessed Easter!

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor in the Cities and Above the Clouds

76O 742-1742



  1. Yes, I agree lenders are not lending as eagerly as before the Recession. For example, it is, inexplicably, necessary to show some income when desiring to purchase a property. Also a credit rating larger than your IQ. I notice Quicken Loan is back in business, so I assume it won’t be long before these two requirements will be dropped. The word “creative” being used in the same context as “real estate” should scare the bejesus out of anyone who hasn’t been in a coma for the past 6 years.

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