Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | April 26, 2014

Palomar Amateur Radio Club

PARC- palomar amateur radio clubPALOMAR AMATEUR RADIO CLUB

Palomar Amateur Radio Club was formed in 1936 in Escondido by 26 original members. Since then, it has grown to about 300 members.

Early on equipment was built by the operator. In the 1920’s some kits started to become available. Activity grew after World War II when surplus military equipment surged into the market at low prices. It was hard to build your own tube, being able to buy tubes at a price that became affordable helped builders in their projects. Commercially made equipment designed for amateur use started showing up more. Today, as with most products, the transceiver is more compact. What was once a wall of equipment can now be placed on a on a table top with space to spare.

Many operators still build transceivers. There is lots of older equipment for new operators to aquire for a lower entry cost. Newer products are solid state, making the smaller and lighter. One can purchase “fancy” units with controls that will help receive a signal that could not be filtered through as recent as a few yews ago. There are now computer based radios called SDR (software defined radio). These are a “black box” to provide the rf power portion while using the computer for all the frequency operation and modulation processes.

Amateur radio operators, also known as hams, have many facets to use and work with. As in the beginning of radio, there is morse code that can be used in almost all conditions. Morse Code knowledge is no longer a required to achieve a license. Phone (voice) is the most common. There are additional modes of radio teletype, packet, slow scan tv on HF, Amateur Television on UHF high bands, many new digital modes using the computer, and lots more. There is also the ability to talk to the local repeater, then through the internet using echolink (one example) to pass through to another repeater in a distant location in the U. S. or worldwide to talk to another Amateur.

Amateur Radio has a requirement to support emergencies when needed. Many group have working relationships with their local emergency services. Palomar Amateur Radio Club has a premium location to support services in San Diego County.

The Palomar Club had an opportunity in 1984 to purchase property and did so. We are a Palomar Mountain Water Company share holder and support the Volunteer Fire Department. Our property supports only amateur equipment and we try to maintain a low profile while blending in. The Club had a member on the mountain since the observatory was built until recently. Several members have property on the mountain now.

Palomar Amateur Radio Club invites you to learn more about amateur radio, become an amateur, and/or join our Club. The Club meeting is the first Wednesday of the month at the Carlsbad Safety Center, 2560 Orion, Carlsbad at 7:30 PM. Everyone is invited to come. The website is . You can find our newsletters, past meetings, photos and more. Questions may be directed by email to or to Dennis at 76O-672-O223.

Dennis KD6TUJ


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