Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | April 28, 2014

Manny and Mary’s Palomar Memories

What a pleasure to hear tales of Manny and Mary Doria’s early days on Palomar.  What a special time ’round their table at their charming vintage cabin (no, it is not for sale!) looking at a treasure trove of fun times on the Mountain.  I got to see some wonderful photos and Mary promises that she will have even more stories for us.

Manny and Mary both have fond memories of 6 grade camp at Doane Valley in the mid 1940’s.  Mary’s folks, Claude and Ada Ganger, purchased the family cabin in 1948 and this is one cabin that will stay in the family “forever”.  Manny and Mary were married in 1957 and have so many happy memories with their now grown children enjoying the cabin for this past nearly half century! Mary showed me a delightful book named “The Log”.  At the end of their cabin visits, they would journal a bit in The Log.  (I’m thinking that it would be fun to have  more Logs pop up at cabins!)

I’d always wondered when we got power on Palomar.   Judging by some of the fixtures in the older cabins, I’d always guessed the mid 1950’s.  We don’t know for sure at other places, but it was a great discovery to see these posts (double click to enlarge the photos):

012   013

August 31,

A great, great change has taken place!  We are no longer primitive or crude -we are civilized!  We have Electricity! 

September 8th 1957

Let There Be Light!

It’s marvelous, it’s terrific, it’s super magnificent, it’s just plain nice – The refrigerator was just what we ordered – a fine time for all!

Isn’t this a great shot of Mary’s dad?  We’re guessing it was taken at the top of the South Grade and that his feet were FREEZING in those rubber boots.  Made me really appreciate the toasty boots, warmer clothing, and all the luxuries we enjoy now.  As friends and neighbors on Palomar we all have something in common in that there is something pretty special about stoking the fire and taking a lot of pleasure in the beauty of the four seasons here on our beloved Palomar Mountain.

Bonnie Phelps




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