Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | May 6, 2014

Deer Highway Reduced

  Those deer out there on Observation Point are looking for new folks to enjoy that nine acres.  The present owners said “sell it” and even though it is a new listing, they just reduced the price.

There are lots more photos for you now including a couple albums from the owner on Lots and Land.  Their photos show the *Shabin when they used it for weekends and fun times with their Boy Scout Troop.  How would you set up the Shabin?

Let’s go check it out!

Bonnie-waiting-for-the-rain  76O 742-1742

bonnie at bonniephelps dot com

*Shabin?  Oh, perhaps more of a Shed, but could be a fun little Cabin-in-the-Woods with “little” being the key word.


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