Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | May 15, 2014

Boucher Lookout reported 10 fires today!

Lookout spotted Ten Fires today!

Thankfully, Palomar Mountain’s Boucher Lookout was staffed today!  Curt Waite was training a new volunteer, David Stone and working with another volunteer, Rick Fitch ‘looking for smokes’.  With the strong Santa Ana winds and temperatures in the mid 90’s off the mountain (is this really May?), Curt reported that the crew called in ten fires that sprang up.  Curt told David that he got more experience today than he would in five years.  Sure glad those guys are up there looking out for us.

Many of you know Peggy Cross, she and Ken moved to Central California.  She is asking for prayer for friends evacuating Rawhide Ranch in Bonsall.  They are working on getting all the horses out and some that just don’t want to load load in the trailers.

Meanwhile, Palomar as been about 25 degrees cooler today than the cities – very nice up here.

Register your Cell Phone for Reverse 911 calls

Channel 10 Fire News:

Evacuations Ordered Near I-15 and SR 76 From Highway Fire

Multiple Homes Burning In Carlsbad Fire

San Diegans Know All Too Well The Risk Of Wildfires


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