Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | May 16, 2014

Escape the Smoke and Heat this Weekend? $50.00 off!

cabin fever vacation rental palomar mountain

So very sorry to look out from the Mountain today and see all the smoke below. The fire locations look much better but the air quality looks pretty smoky.

It just so happens that a Vacation Rental on Palomar, Cabin Fever, is available this weekend – first time since mid July! If you or your friends, would like to “Escape the Smoke and Heat” in the cities below, we invite you to come up to our fresh air, bright blue sky, but much cooler temperatures here on the Mountain.  Tomorrow it is to get all the way up to 73 degrees on the Mountain!

Click to reserve Cabin Fever  When the reservation comes back to me, I’ll take $50.00 off.

ponderosa log cabin vacation rental

The Ponderosa has guests arriving soon, but you are invited to check it out for another time.

Come and join us and thank you for sharing with your friends!

Bonnie Phelps

76O 742 one 742


  1. Don’t be sorry just be prepared….It is a tinderbox up there on Palomar and this is looking to be a daunting fire season….I was surprised to see so many dead trees up there last year….I should be doing more with the dry vegetation around our house as well…..The insurance companies know we are high and dry facing this hideous drought….Be good to your volunteer fire dept …Thank God for them…….

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