Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | May 18, 2014

Concert on the Mountain!

Mama, Papa and Karina SWC

What a delight to meet Karina and her Mama and Papa, one chilly evening on the deck of Cabin Fever.  Wrapped in blankets, they were eating her homemade soup in the drippy mist. I suggested they go in by the warm fire, but no, being in the cloud reminded them “of their homeland”.  They had fallen in love with the mountain. 

You’ll enjoy reading a little of Karina’s Family Legacy, below.  I found a link to her CD, Golden Dream.

Karina’s Family Legacy:

Music is in our blood, or maybe it is our blood at this point – there is no test to confirm it.

For 3 generations we’ve been dedicating our lives to this sacred art of painting the World with our instruments – the sound of music –truly the only art that knows no borders or limits of expression, when it comes to a human experience and beyond that.

Together as a family, with our magical instruments in hand , we’ve traveled the World – back home, when still Soviet Union in Russia and Latvia, many countries in Europe –Germany, France , Italy , UK…to name the few, Taiwan and China, 10 years in Mexico and now another decade as US citizens.

Languages and landscapes do change, just as our faces, but something doesn’t- our dream to inspire and create together, to share and transcend with the sound of music, that will stay long after us.

We are passionate educators too, inspiring children in every place we’ve been, to take an instrument and try to make music on their own.

Many of “our” kids, as I call them, are now teachers and performers around the Globe, continuing the tradition of life performance and soul nourishment.

We hope we can bring a little sweetness and reflection, or maybe simply a moment of peace into so often hectic life we all have.

We discovered our beautiful Mountain first by meeting Cecilia Borland, the dear lady with the goats out on Birch Hill.  Then we ‘caught the fever’ at Cabin Fever, one misty weekend enveloped in the clouds! Now, as my Facebook page proves to the world, I just can’t seem to get enough of this mountain and must visit as often as I can.  It reminds us so of our homeland!  We adore Palomar Mountain with all our heart. Brought up in the country with a strong connection to nature and forest, after so many years of constant looking, God has showed me the way to our local “Sierra” like mountain. And we just can’t get enough of it.

We’ve met some truly wonderful people up here , who opened their hearts and homes to us and made us feel so much more home, that we could possibly be without friends and souls alike. We are now enjoying the view from the Round House.  It would be our great pleasure to give you kind folks on the mountain, a concert next weekend. Please come and enjoy.  We look forward to making more friends on the Mountain.

Karina Bezkrovnaia

Golden Dream

(Concert was May 2014 – we must have an encore!)


  1. we want to come!

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