Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | June 1, 2014

Press Release – A Touch of Hollywood

Larry-Abbey Road

Press Release:

This June 22-27 the Palomar Film Music Workshop will occur in the Pauma Valley.

A touch of Hollywood will show up to teach the art and practice of writing original music for the movies: Workshop founder/director and multi award winning composer, Larry Groupé is hosting the event at The Lazy H Ranch at the base of Palomar Mountain.

Groupé says “I wanted a rural retreat experience so the participants could really concentrate on the dramatic craft of writing music to picture while in a relaxed environment”.

The workshop must have struck the right chord because it was sold out within twelve days of its launch on New Year’s Day.

Larry’s original idea came from local Palomar mountain where he has a cabin and draws much inspiration from its surroundings.

Each day movie scenes will be handed out for the students to write music to.  Personal mentoring and group review occurs each day along with special presentations from Hollywood professionals.  The week culminates with a recording session so the students can take home something professionally performed and mixed back into the scene. This way they go home with something tangible to show potential directors and producers that may hire them.

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