Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | June 1, 2014

We’ll lock the Remotes!

cabin fever vacation rental   098

This came from a potential guest for one of the cabin rentals:

<<<Hi, I am considering reserving your beautiful cabin in June. I am wondering, however, if it would be at all possible to hide away the television before our arrival? I know this is probably a tall order, but I would be very grateful for the opportunity for my family to enjoy the serenity of the area without any tv or devices .>>>

Here is my response:

“I know how you feel! We’ll have the remotes locked in a cabinet so the TV/DVD player won’t work.

 When our two sons were in Jr. High, we had a pool, built-in trampoline, basketball, etc. After they got home from school one day, was beautiful outside but I found them in our family room. The TV was on, the boys were sitting on the floor, watching these blue smurfs. I heard “let the power and force within you control your destiny!” I took that on as a personal challenge and went to the wall and pulled out the cable. Oh no!!! What a mean mom!!! 

What a difference it made in all of our lives. When they had friends over, the first time they were there, mention was made about how we didn’t have TV but the friends LOVED it, and our place was where everyone had a great time.

 Years later, a thank you note arrived from our sons, thanking us for unplugging the TV. They said they could not have possibly done what they did with their lives if the TV had competed for their time. They both ended up with scholarships for college. Neither son has TV at their homes and we just have it for an occasional movie (but from what I understand, the Cowboy has recently added an antenna – well, I still don’t know how to turn the thing on.)”

Now we need to unplug the phones, iPads, and computers!!!  I’ll have to work on that one!

 BTW, when you, or someone you know, would like some time away, we have some options to choose from: and I’m glad to lock the remotes!

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