Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | June 16, 2014

Fire Hazard Inspections Start This Week


Would you please distribute the below information I’ve received from the Forest Service.  They will be starting inspections this week in the Crestline and Birch Hill area before moving to other areas on the mountain.


Cliff Kellogg

Palomar Station Fire Chief

Palomar Mountain Fire Hazard Inspections

Starting this Wednesday June 18, 2014 the U. S. Forest Service and CAL FIRE will begin performing Fire Hazard Inspections on Palomar Mountain.  The intent of these inspections is to assist you in properly preparing your home and or property to help protect it in the event that wildfires threaten your community.  The inspection also will be used to ensure that all home and property owners comply with the following codes/regulations (68.404(a) SDCCRO), (68.404(b) SDCCRO), (68.404(c) SDCCRO), (4907.3.1CFC), (4291(a)(6)Public Resources Code), (503.2.1 CFC), (3807.3CFC), and (505.1CFC).

Inspections will be made at random, and not all properties will be inspected.  Properties without structures, but having vegetation within 100’ of neighboring structures will need to remove or thin vegetation, or allow removal or thinning, to provide the designated clearance.  Owners may also request an inspection by contacting their Fire Prevention Officer:

If the property/structure is found to be in compliance, the inspection form will be signed off as compliant and a copy sent to the County of San Diego for their records.

If the property/structures does not comply, the homeowner will receive a list of the corrections necessary to comply with regulations and a copy will be sent to the County of San Diego’s Enforcement Division.

Once corrections are made, the homeowner may request a re-inspection of the property.  The re-inspection will be documented and a copy sent to the County of San Diego.

If you have any questions you may contact anyone of the three Patrols listed above.

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