Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | July 16, 2014

Note on your door? Two weeks to comply!

The Forest Service folks have been going to all properties on Palomar, checking them for fire safety.  They have left flyers on the doors with tips to make your home more fire safe by creating 100 feet of defensible space.  Also, every property has a “Legal Notice to Remove Fire Hazards”.  I’ve picked up several notices at upcoming listings.  Some property passes just fine.  However others have “areas of concern” that are to be taken care of within a two week period of time.

Click for a pdf of the requirements.

In addition to creating 100 feet of defensible space, you are asked to post your house address in a minimum of 4 inch numbers, and make sure the area around your propane tank is clear 10 feet around.  It is also important to not have dirt next to the tank as it rusts a lot faster.  Make sure no branches are within 10 feet of your chimney. Some insurance companies don’t want trees hanging over the roof of the house.  (Trees are just like children, they grow up so fast!!!)

Here are the websites included in the literature:

Questions? You are invited to call the Forest Service at 619-876-8946




  1. I would just like to add that this was a joint effort with Cal Fire Rincon, and Palomar Mountain Volunteer Fire Department. also.

    They all worked hard 3 days a week for about 3 weeks completing the inspections.

  2. Thanks!

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