Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | August 3, 2014

Palomar through Cindy’s Lens

ponderosa log cabin vacation rental Plaomar Mountain, cindy knoke photographer,

A real treat is waiting for you!  When a recent reservation came in for the Ponderosa Cabin Rental, I clicked on the guest’s blog.  What beautiful photography!  Cindy Knoke is an award- winning Travel and Nature Blogger.  Soon after checking in, she posted the photos of the Cabin. Then I recognized the Weir in the State Park, saw she’d been to the Observatory, and climbed Boucher Lookout.

Many of you will enjoy clicking through her website, and you just may want to subscribe to have Cindy’s posts right in your inbox.

She has some absolute ‘eye candy’ taken on Palomar waiting for you:

Nobody here but us Turkeys” at the Ponderosa with Cindy

Palomar State Park “Eden is calling You”

Palomar State Park “Giver’s of Life”

Boucher Lookout and Observatory – Heavenly Stars and Earthly Fires

And, real good news – Cindy forgot her sunglasses and is coming back soon!

So, stay tuned for more from Cindy’s lens!

Bonnie Phelps






  1. Awesome!! Love Mt. Palomar!! ❤ ,#

    • Thank you Cindy. Loved seeing Palomar through your lens!

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