Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 4, 2014

My 7th Grade Art Teacher’s Cabin is for Sale!

  cabin for sale palomar mountain

There is a very wonderful cabin coming up for you and it has a cute story!

When I met with the owner a few weeks ago, we sat in the very inviting living room with that big open beamed ceiling and had a little chat.  He told me about some of the impressive features of the construction  – the real wood paneling in the living room was repurposed and refinished and is 5/8 of an inch thick!  The walkout basement was designed as a garage and the builder planned a little room there for a sauna (could also be a nice wine cellar!).  He also has great memories of family and friends enjoying the cabin and playing games around the table.  He and his wife plan to make most of the furnishing optional – just a nice little visit.  Then he asked if I grew up in Vista, and if I took an art class at Lincoln Junior High School in 7th grade!!!

Yes!  And his wife was my teacher!!!  So, when they came up to the BBQ on Saturday, I just had to have my picture taken with Mrs. Wetzell!  Come buy their cabin!!!  So cute!  Check it out and let’s go on a tour!


  1. Say hi to Wetzells for us. We spent time with them and their son when they first bought the cabin.


    • I sure will Celia – they sure have this cabin nice and clean. Don’t know how they get the floors so shiny! Fun one to show!

  2. Hi Bonnie . . .

    Sheila here. You’re such a skilled writer and Real Estate Broker all rolled into one! I loved how you wove that sweet li’l cabin’s features into a very fun story, and what a treat to meet your former art teacher.

    • Thank you Sheila, it was fun to see her again and have their cabin to find new owners for!

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