Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 9, 2014

Chef Bernard: “Life is Simply Delicious…!”

Chef Bernard, Marine Room, San Diego  Happy Birthday to Chef Bernard Guillas!  One of my great joys are the reviews from guests at the vacation rentals on Palomar. They have all been so fun to read. Here is a special one that I thought some of you would enjoy, too.

Chef Bernard, the Executive Chef at the Marine Room and La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club enjoyed 5 days at Cabin Fever.  They were treated to our last rain storm which added a bit of spice to his “perfect recipe” for his birthday celebration and “staycation” from his very busy season in La Jolla.  We agree with you, Chef Bernard, that life is “simply delicious” up here, a mile nearer heaven!

His signature in the Cabin Fever guest book is his logo with his name and chef’s hat – pretty clever! There is more to learn about our most recent guest at his website and you can check out his acclaimed cookbook Flying Pans, Two Chefs One World at

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