Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | October 4, 2014

Road Delays for about a Month

hwy 76 paving   hwy 76 paving

As most of you know, Hwy 76 paving will be all brand new before the holidays.  Road delays can be about 45 minutes, I’m told, so when you are going up or down the mountain, you might want to have a good book with you.  It was pretty impressive to watch for my little 5 minute wait a few days ago.  The equipment was removing the old cracked asphalt and right behind it, the new was going in.  When I gave a big “thumbs up” for the great job, I asked the worker how long, he said, “about a month”.

Think a lot of us will be catching up on our reading, or you might also enjoy the views from the Nate Harrison Grade.  If it has been a while since you’ve driven that road, you will be impressed with the additional paving there, too.  Gotta have that view as your very own?  40 acres out there is waiting for a new owner!


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