Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | November 1, 2014

From Palomar to Rome – Misa Azteca

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Congratulations to composer Joseph Julian Gonzalez on the success of his composition, Misa Azteca performed in Rome last week.  Some of the promo shots taken on Palomar Mountain in 2013.

From the composer: Joseph Julian Gonzalez

“Here are the first and last pages of the Full Orchestral Score of Misa Azteca. I have been working on this 50 minute, 8 movement choral/symphonic work for over 23 years, re-writing movements, throwing parts out and adding parts in. This has been a very personal project that is very dear to my heart and that I’ve worked on in between TV and Film gigs. I am glad to announce that Misa Azteca is officially DONE.

I have to sincerely thank the immensely talented Joel Clarkson for re-orchestrating Misa Azteca over the past year. Joel started orchestrating for me in my film and TV scores about two years ago, and I recognized a young man of immense talent and the best orchestrator I had ever worked with. Joel took my film and TV compositions to another level and worked as a cool head in the stressed-out world of the industry. Joel has a spiritual depth to him that comes out in his work. I knew that I had found the right person to take Misa Azteca to another level.

Tomorrow in Rome, at the Basilica of St. Ignatius, we will present the final version of Misa Azteca. It is ready to go out into the world!”  (Performed October 26, 2014)

misa azteca palomar mountain   015

“Introducing the wonderfully talented and lovely soprano, Dalia Rodriguez, a treasured member of Team Misa Azteca. Dalia is an ace sightreader and incredible musician; has a voice like an angel; and although she possess many gifts, is a very generous and humble person. She is featured in our updated Misa Azteca Promo Video:”

Misa Azteca’s Long Promo Video with shots taken on Palomar, Rome, and many more locations.

A news clip about Misa Azteca’s performance in Rome:  EWTN News Report October 2014

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  1. It would be wonderful to see a live performance. I hope we may get the chance someday.

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