Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | December 31, 2014

19 degrees and 19 inches of snow on Palomar!

snow from palomar new years eve 2014  We woke up to a beautiful snow on Palomar!  The last time I checked it was 19 degrees and a neighbor posted 19 inches at their place.  Chains required but those County Road guys are doing a fabulous job.

Happy New Year to ALL!

Click for Snow info and tips.


  1. Hi Bonnie!

    Wayne Moorhead drove up to our cabin yesterday afternoon, braving the rain and accidents on South Grade Road. He just beat the arrival of snow.

    This morning, he reported about 12 inches of snow at our cabin in the vicinity of the Lodge, with some minor drifting. He’s been taking photos (no internet service to get them out, alas) and running the snowblower on the driveway.

    Yes, the county plow made it to the end of Crestline as usual, no problem, other than the large berms it leaves behind at the start of driveways and private roads.

    Wayne also reported increased bird activity under our carport and deck

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