Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | January 1, 2015

Thanks to the Road Crew and Wes and Tom and Ron!

DSC05726  Many thanks to the long hours James and his Road Crews are putting in to make our roads a lot more safe for us to get around.  Chains are required and as James said today, “If you don’t have chains, stay home”.

Well, we’ve lived here for 16 years now and I have never had a set of chains and I have a good 4W drive and I know how to drive in the snow and I will be just fine…. I was just dropping something off at a cabin real quick so didn’t even have my phone, gloves, or a hat … and it was in the 20’s.   Ohmygoodness – not a good girl scout at all! I got really stuck three times today. Hope you can learn from my adventures.

This morning I was driving up Crestline, slowed down to take a pic of this cute little ‘snow-lump-of-a-car’


when my car just slid backwards, wiggled it’s way over to the side and became very stuck!


Chains would have been such a help.  I was out in the road when Wes Bergman drove by.  I asked him to let Don know to come tow me out – hooray, help was on the way.  But then Tom Fortney came along, and slowed down to offer help.  Oh nooooooo! Tom’s car slid across the road, heading right to my car.  I thought I was going to be a pancake and made an attempt to push his car away. Pretty crazy! Tom’s car just nudged mine, lost his license plate and then went slipping and sliding down Crestline. Finally stopped and Tom got out just in time to see me fall back on the ice just like they do in the movies.  Whew! Palomar is not for the meek with this snow, but we both survived.


Ron Bowan was out when I got stuck the last time and shoveled some dirt on the road so I could get going again.  A neighbor came out at one point with another great idea of using the floor mats under the tires. The way I roll, I’m guessing I may find myself trying that one of these days.

The really good news is that James and Crew were sanding this afternoon and plan to sand again before morning.  With the temperatures staying low, it will continue to be pretty crazy out there.  Chains are pretty smart for the locals up here too and are required to get up.

So, hope everyone can stay safe and have a lot of fun to kick off your 2015!

Goodnight everyone!  Looking forward to seeing you ’round the Mountain next year!

Best Snow Chains


  1. You Southern Cal people are quite adaptable.

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