Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | January 2, 2015

Palomar closed to ‘Residents Only’

Got a call from Fire Chief Cliff Kellogg, and then stopped and talked to a couple CHP officers at the Summit.  The Mountain was closed today to “Residents Only”.

Are you a property owner or resident?  The catch is that you must show proof.  Keep a copy of your deed, electric bill or phone bill in your glove compartments.  Then you will be all set.  Residents can escort guests up.

CHP said they are also requiring that you show a set of chains in the vehicle.

Palomar will have very limited access for the tourists through the weekend. 

When Tourists do get through to the top, Canfield Road (to the Observatory), Crestline, and Bailey Meadow Roads are closed to “Residents Only”.  The properties along those roads are all private.

Wish Palomar had more parking options and more areas to play in the snow!

You aren’t a ‘Resident’?  I’m glad to help you with that!

Palomar Mountain Real Estate

Palomar Mountain Vacation Rentals

Bonnie Phelps. Realtor

76O 742 one 742


  1. Hello Bonnie, I would like to take my granddaughter Aria Sophia, 3 years old to see snow & play in the snow a couple of hours? Where is the closest place from Carlsbad or Vista? Thank you so much! Warmly, Sophia

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