Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | January 4, 2015

Snow Tickets on Palomar

snow on palomar mountain 2015  Lots of folks have gone home with tickets the past few days.  The locals up here appreciate the great job law enforcement is doing to try to keep the mountain safe, the traffic flowing, and protect private property.  The snow will be here a while and for those of you who would like to come up, here are some tips:

TICKETS: If you can arrive early in the morning, you have your best chance of getting a parking space where you won’t come back to your car with a ticket on the windshield.

TICKETS: If you park inside the white line, and the officers have the time to get to you, you will get a ticket.

TICKETS: If you park blocking a driveway, you will get a ticket.

MIDWEEK: Can you come up during the week?  Much less drama then and it could be so much more enjoyable for your family.  Weekends are CRAZY because our three main roads are closed to “Residents Only” and we have very few places to park.  Please respect the “Residents Only” signs as there is no public parking or play areas on those roads.

Where is the best place for snow play on Palomar? 

The State Park, County Park at the top of the Grade, Mother’s Kitchen and the Store (and please patronize our only little businesses up here). The rest of the mountain is PRIVATE PROPETY.

Trash –  If you bring it up, take it back down with you.  We have no public trash cans ’round the mountain.  PLEASE take your trash back with you.

Chains are usually required when we have snow.  The Mountain is often closed by the CHP to “Residents Only “who need to show a utility bill or some proof of residency up here.

Take a look at some great webcams, links to the CHP websites, and lots more info for you at Snow Tips for Palomar Mountain.


  1. Hi Bonnie,

    I posted this to my FB page so the locals here in Julian could see a positive, yet effective and direct approach, to all the issues involved with living in such areas as we do.

    Well done!


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