Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | January 10, 2015

Signs of Palomar – I can help! :)

palomar mountain signs    DSC05697 DSC05698 DSC05706  sign  The snow is just a memory now but I just had to put these up for you.  When Palomar is a Winter Wonderland, the main roads are now posted “Residents Only”.  Would you like to bring your family up and get past that Road Closed sign?  I am glad to help with that!

There are just a few listings available for Palomar Mountain Real Estate and lots, lots more on the way!  Until you have that perfect getaway above the clouds, you might appreciate staying in one of our Vacation Rentals.  The calendars are current on the websites and the cabins are much-loved by our wonderful guests.

Let’s connect!


76O 742 one 742


  1. Nice to hear there are more cabins coming up on the market… Curious, is the snow gone, or holding on on certain slope aspects still? Another question, are the asking prices for the cabins on your list in line with what the bank appraisal is coming in at for financing purposes? The price per acre average, without a structure looks to be around 18,000.00 per acre from the Upper Meadows Nine acres you’ve listed. I’m trying to grasp how that translates with, for example, the little red cabin on a third of an acre going for about the same price with the small cabin. I know the banks look at Comps. Would you say these properties are emotionally prices, or realistically priced, in the eyes of the banks who would handle the financing?

    Tough questions, I know… Having built two houses in the past decade, and sold one, keenly aware of what the banks require these days. Anyway. I am almost done with the final edits on my book, so come February or March is when I will probably come up and see you, and take a look around.



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