Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | January 17, 2015

Jus’ sayin… this Mountain has some Special Folks

For almost ten years we have been driving by a place on Palomar, knowing it had changed owners.  We’d wave occasionally.  When the evacuation was lifted after the fire in 2007, I was droving home and saw their home had survived (it was a miracle).  I had to pull in the driveway and give her big hug.  We’d connect occasionally through the Mountain News, once in a while on the phone or email.

Well, last night it was a date.  The four of us met up at El Rey.  We sat there and visited between bites of fajitas, great guacamole and chips.  We talked about kids, fishin’, firewood, camping, ground squirrels, and a whole lot more.  Good stuff. Before I knew it, three hours had passed.

We really value our friends we’ve met on Palomar.  This mountain sure attracts some nice folks…  jus’ saying…


  1. Hi Bonnie,

    I drove up yesterday & just drove around to check it out, I didn’t have a lot of time & got a late start, so I didn’t want to bother you this time! I had a delicious bowl of soup & some hot chocolate at Mother’s Kitchen, Yum!😊 I also enjoyed visiting the General store & gift shop! I was only up there about an hour. I would like to meet you sometime when I can come up earlier & stay a little longer. It’s so beautiful & so refreshing To just be able to drive up & get away even for just a little while! I was really surprised that all of the snow had melted & just a little along the side of the north side of some of the roads! I expected to see a little more snow! It’s amazing how all that snow just went away do fast!😜 Bonnie, I will email or call you next time I am coming up!

    I look forward to meeting you! Warmly, Sonja

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    • Looking forward to meeting you too Sonja. We can relax and take in the views or maybe go off on an adventure – that seems to happen quite often ’round the mountain.

  2. Yes, it is like stepping back into a more commodious time when you greet a neighbor or attend a community meeting. Palomar, a lovely place.

    • You are so right Gail. Sometimes I feel like I should be wearing a long dress with a big apron.

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